Thursday, April 24, 2014

Birdcage Card

Well, I'm a little late on this challenge, but here is my entry for the BBTB2 challenge.

 My cute sister gave me the Cricut cartridge Creative Cards and I haven't had much of a chance to use it so I've decided to experiment with it a little bit.  This is my first project and I love this cut!  I LOVE bird cages and I love the way this card comes together.
 I popped the birdcage up with foam dots and also the little bird.  With the intricate design of the birdcage I wanted to keep the card simple. The paper is from American Crafts Peachy Keen collection.  I LOVE THIS PAPER!I used neutral twine for a bow on the top of the birdcage in order to keep it simple and to avoid competing with the birdcage. I used the cutout from the card front to make a matching tag.   I really love the way it turned out.  I love the clean, simple look of it.
I haven't stamped a sentiment on the card yet because I don't know what I'm using it for yet, but I am thinking of using the stamp set Life Is Tweet from Close To My Heart.  I especially like the stamp that says, "A little birdie told me...It's your birthday!"

Head over to Bitten by the bug 2 and check out the cute cards everyone has come up with.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Basket gifts


This is my favorite time of year!  I just love it! My favorite flowers are tulips and I love seeing them pop up everywhere!  
When my husband was in graduate school at George Washington University We lived in Arlington Virginia just outside DC.  In fact, the then Vice President Al Gore lived about 4 blocks away from us. How did we know this?  One Easter afternoon Ted and I and our 3 kids went for a walk.  We saw a kid riding his skateboard.  We said hi to him and my husband asked him his name.  He almost rolled his eyes in exasperation as he said, "Al Gore Jr.".   We had heard the VP lived near us, but now we knew exactly where.  He had red sauce on he end of his nose and my husband asked him what he had for dinner.  (Remember.  It's Easter Sunday).  Al Gore Junior then confessed that he had eaten pizza for dinner.  That's right.  The Gore family had pizza for Easter dinner.  I was kind of surprised.  I guess I pictured them having butlers and maids serving them a seven-course meal in a fancy shmancy dinning room with a big loooooong table .  HAHAHA.
 Spring in Washington DC is GORGEOUS!!!!  EVERYTHING blooms there!  The cherry blossoms, azeleas, dogwoods etc!  My favorite bloom of all though, was the tulips.  Back in 1963 Lady Bird Johnson set out to beautify Washington DC and let me tell you...she succeeded!  There are tulips everywhere.  Not just a couple here and there, but solid tulip patches in parks and in the triangles on the roads.  Yep, Loved the spring in DC.

I wanted to share the baskets I made to give to the ladies I visit teach.  I love making little gifts for my friends!!!  It really does make me happy to take them a little something now and then.
I made the baskets using the Cricut Wrap It Up cartridge. (One of my very favorites!)  I cut it at 11 inches. I used a glue gun to glue the tabs together.  Glue and glue dots just weren't holding.  As for the bunny pick- I used a skewer and cut the bunny from Holiday Cakes. I think I cut the bunny at 3 inches.  I popped the top layer up with some foam squares. For the paper and ribbon I used the Day Dreams collection from American Crafts.
I entered this on the challenge over at BBTB2.  There are some really cute projects over there.  Check them out.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Basket tags 2014

Last week I participated in a Cricut Cut challenge over on bittenbythebug2. They were all so sweet with their comments. I was really impressed. This week's challenge was to use any Cricut Cut that is a bunny.  Since Easter is just around the corner  And I hadn't put together Easter baskets yet I thought I'd make my Easter tags using this challenge. It's good to have a deadline because now my baskets are finished and I'm all ready for Easter!
I used the Art Philosophy cartridge for the egg and Four Legged Friends for the bunny. I added google eyes because...well see for yourself. 
See what I mean?  It's downright creepy without the google eyes.
Now I can just sit back and chill till Easter!  Or maybe I'll plan Easter dinner  That's sounds like more fun!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Look "Up" Party

We just had our Relief Society Birthday Party.  The title of our party was "Look Up". Since I was assigned the lesson the first week of the month I based it on the conference talk by Carl  B Cook It's Better To Look Up. That talk and was the perfect way to introduce our party.
(This idea could be used for Young Women, Baby Showers, birthday parties etc.)
Here's a video I took while we were setting up. It might give you a better overview.  
We decorated around the "Up" movie theme with houses and balloons.  That theme was an easy one to implement.  I love decorating with balloons because they pack a big punch for a small amount of money. Helium balloons are $.50 a piece at Walmart and $.25 if you supply your own balloons.  We used 60 balloons.  5 per table and the rest on the food table, cake table etc.  Let me tell you, Patty and I were quite the comedy act attempting to fit 60 helium balloons into the back of my car in the wind.  Thanks to a kind stranger we got them all in the car and to the church safely with out even a single one popping.

I had nightmares the night before the party of all the balloons getting away from us and floating up to the tall ceiling in the cultural hall out of our reach.  To ensure this did not happen we prepared the balloons in a small room with a lower ceiling and then took one group at a time into the cultural hall.
We chose the colors PINK and SILVER.  We used hot pink and a lighter bubble gum pink.  The pink was so bright and cheery and just shouted spring! It doesn't hurt that pink is my favorite color!
As a party favor I cut these little house boxes with my Cricut.  I cut the box from Tags, bags boxes and More 2 at size 6" and the roof from Sweet Tooth Boxes at size 7.5"  I had to lengthen the slit in the roof a tiny bit to make it fit.
 I filled them with some iridescent Easter grass and a few candy kisses.  I attached a tag through the handle on top.  Print the tags HERE.  I just attached them to a scalloped circle.  The labels measure 1.5 inches so they fit perfectly with a scallop circle that is just bigger than that.

If you don't have a worries.  I made you a box you can just print out.
Print it HERE.  Just cut along the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.  Set the roof on top.  To attach the tag and hold the roof secure you could tie your ribbon around the house so that the ribbon runs under the house and then ties on top.

There you will also find the large house I used as the center pieces.  Print 2 per house on to card stock.  Cut them out leaving a little tab on the bottom where there is a little white edge left so you can use it to Attach the two pieces together.  Place it around a basket or pail.   We filled each pail with pink filler (basically Easter grass) added a "Look Up" tag and clipped 5 balloons to each house. I got the clips for free with the balloons.  

Print the tags HERE.
We used wrapping paper for our table runner. Patty found the PERFECT wrapping paper at Walmart.  We cut it in half lengthwise and crosswise so each roll became four runners.

Patty wanted us to share our latest news with each other and came up with the title of "What's up?"  This was a really fun part of our night as we heard everyone's news including a pregnancy announcement, a scholarship (we invited our Young Women), and Spring Break plans.   I already had these cute pink pails.  I filled them with these what's up papers and a few pencils and added a tag.  Everyone wrote down their news and a representative from each table read them to the whole group. (Print tags and papers HERE)

I put one of these programs on each table so that everyone could follow along, so I could give credit to everyone that helped and it was a great way to show the theme "Up" and how we implemented the word into EVERYTHING at this party.  
I've supplied you with programs, but since your info will be different than mine I made you a blank one and one with just the "UP" titles.  You can print them HERE.
I already had some pink polka dot bandannas that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $.99 a piece. I tied them around the pitchers.  I added a "7-up" tag. Cherry 7-up is the perfect color.  We ended up using pink lemonade, but...whatever it was cute. You can print the tags HERE.

Julie made our cake.  I thought it turned out so cute.  We served it with ice cream and everyone loved it! 
Our table needed a backdrop and it just so happens that I found this cute idea on pinterest a couple of nights before the party so at the last minute we headed to dollar tree.  I love the way it turned out.  It takes longer to braid than I thought it would so make sure you have time.  
"Eat Up"
The meal was a taco salad bar catered by Taco Time.  We fed about 75 women for $200.00.  Dana and Kelli headed the dinner up and made all of the arrangements.  It was a huge hit!
Candice is amazing.  She decorated the food table with table cloths, tissue paper and napkins.  She created it on the spot with things I had brought with me. It was so bright and adorable.  I was very impressed!  Just look how cute that is!
We placed these signs around to reinforce our theme and what can a little more decoration hurt? right?  You can print them HERE.

"Clean Up"
We had three speakers.  The first Presentation was by my friend Linda  She took about 10 minutes and did a presentation called, "Why I Make My Bed."  It was a great presentation and her visual aid was the talk of the party.  can you believe that bed is made out of two long church tables?  
"Dress Up"
Our next speaker was my daughter Hayley She spent 5 minutes showing us her favorite ways to tie a scarf.  It was fun to see that many of the women wore scarves to church that Sunday.
"Chin Up"
Our keynote Speaker was Dr. Mark Baxter.  He is a Family Practitioner who gave a 20 minute talk on depression and how to deal with it.  He brought so much hope to everyone and did a great job!

My friend Dotty did the cutest photo"booth" She decorated one of those rolling chalkboards and brought the best dress up props.  We din't have a set photographer.  Everyone just took their own photos with their phones and cameras.  We put this out in the hall as you entered the cultural hall.Because it was in the hall I have a hard time knowing how much it was used.  It seemed to be used a lot, but I wish it would have been in the cultural hall with everything else. attempt at my play on the word "Develop" backfired a few times as people asked, "Devil up?  What does that mean?"  Sigh.
"Cheer Up"
Cheer up was a cute dance performed by some of the Young Women in our ward under the direction or Juleen.  They danced to the song "Happy" from Despicable Me 2.  Very cute!  Sad picture, but the best one I had.  PS:  Another darling table decorated on the spot by Candice.

I felt like the party was definitely a success.  We had a great turnout of about 75 people and I think that is due in large part to great advertising by Nicki and Linda.  Linda sent out emails each week including one the day of the party.  Nicki made announcements each week and made darling  posters and fliers.

What I would do differently.--
1. As I said before, I would have put the "Photo booth in the cultural hall with everything else so no one had to leave the room to take their photos.  It was really bright and cute and would have added even more color and decoration to the room.  
2. We don't always have the need for a nursery so we decided to call one at the last minute if anyone asked about it.  That was pretty stressful to worry about while we were trying to decorate and pull everything together.  next time I would set it up before hand and cancel if necessary.
3. Our party went at least 2 hours. I think a party should be no more than 1 1/2 hours long.   The reason I feel this way is that time away from home and family is precious and I think it's helpful if the sisters know that they are not going to be longer than 1 1/2 hours.  If they want linger a little afterwards that's fine, but I will try harder to keep it shorter next time.

Whew!  This was a long involved post! I've included everything I can think of.  I would love to hear from you.  Especially if you use this theme for any of your parties!  

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

EASY Messenger Bag from a Canvas Tote

I have the sweetest sister in the world!  Do you know what she gave me for my birthday?  An ultimate VIP pass to the Scrapbook USA Expo!  Best part of that present is Spending the entire day with my sis!  She's my only sister and we are almost 10 years apart, but we are best friends.  We talk pretty much everyday even if it's for a few minutes.  She is the most unselfish, giving, loving person and I love spending time with her even though we don't do it nearly enough.

This is only our third time attending the Scrapbook Expo.  The first time was in 2004.  We just bought general admission tickets.  The second time was two years ago when she bought us VIP tickets and we had so much fun that time, we went VIP again this year.

As you can imagine, I was feeling very grateful to my sister for this wonderful gift and I wanted to do something nice for her in return so I made us these messenger bags.  I saw this bag a couple of years ago on Betz White and have wanted to try making them.  This was the perfect occasion.  There is very little sewing involved so I gave it a go.

The last time we went I made these bags.

I learned from that bag that we needed a bigger bag that would fit 12x12 paper.  So I made these bags from JUMBO tote bags that I got on clearance at Walmart.  They worked perfectly!

We talked about the expo from the time the tickets were purchased until we attended.  There we preparations and plans to execute.  If you've been to the expo you know that there are drawings, contests, giveaways, and freebies galore and we didn't want to miss out on any of  the action.

 Everytime you enter any of the contests at the expo you get a prize just for entering so I wanted to enter them all. There were three.  A 2-pageScrapbook page layout contest for anyone at the expo, the VIP page layout and a fun card contest.  They gave about 25 or 30 (Not sure) people the oportunity to make a card in 15 minutes using a kit they had a blank card and some scrapbook paper.  Everyone got the same kit and we were not allowed to add anything to it other than ink.  We could cut, punch and do whatever else we could think of to the paper, but we couldn't add any embellishments of our own.  I'm not gonna card was awful!  I was actually embarrassed to put it out on the table, but I got a free packet of patterned paper for my entry so I swallowed my pride and entered my card.  Shannon' scard on the other hand, was darling.  So darling in fact that it won second place!  I wish we would have taken pictures, but in our rush to get our cards on the table before our 15 minutes was up we missed out on that opportunity.  Yaaay for Shannon!  Her prize, of course, was scrapbook suplies which made her very happy.

I got 4th place in the VIP contest and again got paper for participating and scrapbook goodies for placing. I honestly think there were about 4 entries on that one haha.  My page didn't follow the "Love, Peace and Rock and Roll theme (except for the fact that I quickly added the word love right before turning it in) and at 2am the night before I finally called it quits and went to bed even though it wasn't finished.  I just ran out of time and inspiration.  I got lucky with that one for sure.

I worked much harder on my entry for the overall layout.  I had the perfect darling little grandaughter who lives all the way in Florida.  I just love the look on her face in the picture on the right.  She's so cute! I was so excited when they announced that I had won 2nd place!  Yay!  More scrapbbok paper!!!

We honestly walked out with almost the same amount of free stuff as the things we bought.  I LOVE free paper!!!  I really don't spend a lot on paper.  I get most of it at warehouse sales and the expo.  No need to go pay the high prices at the craft stores.

Do you attend the Scrapbook USA Expo?  Maybe we'll see each other there next year.

Come back soon,


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