Saturday, May 28, 2011

Young Women Activity "Tangled"

Tonight we had to come up with a quick idea for an activity because we had and outdoor activity planned and it rained all day! It turned out really fun though. The girls came over to my house and we watched the movie Tangled. We ate Little Ceasar's pizza and other treats too.

In keeping with the "hair" theme we did some braids and fun hairstyles on each other. We also visited Abby at and watched her demonstrate some really cute hair dos. If you haven't checked out her "30 Dos In 30 Days" head over there right now! You'll love it!

I forgot to take pictures of the hairdo's we did that night, but here's a picture of my daughter Madison's hair we did. I did the Bohemian Twist and Madison did the Messy Bun. (I can't get the hang of the Messy Bun and bobbypins and I are not friends...yet) Madi and I make a pretty good team huh? (Intersting note-Madi and Abby are actually friends. They went to High School together and sang in the same performing group. We found her blog and freaked out when we saw it was her.)

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Abby said...

Ooooh my goodness!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! And Madison, I haven't seen her in... like ten years?! Oh my. She looks all beautiful and grown up! It was so great to hear from you!!


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