Thursday, June 2, 2011

"#1 Teacher" Teacher Appreciation Gift

Today was the last day of school. Yay!!! I LOVE summer! I said goodbye to Kade this morning and as he crossed the street to wait for the bus, (yes, the bus picks him up right across the street. I know, lucky me huh?) I told him it would be the last time he ever rode the bus as a first grader. I told him when he got on the bus this afternoon to think about the fact that he would then be a second grader. When the doorbell rang this afternoon I grabbed the platter of cupcakes I made to celebrate and ran to open the door to greet my cute boy. As I opened the door I yelled, how's my big second grader? I was very shocked to see a distraught little boy with huge tears in his eyes. When I asked him what was wrong he explained to me how much he loved his teacher and how sad he was that she would never be his teacher again because he would never be a first grader again. (so much for my little pep talk this morning). He cried on and off and moped around for the next couple of hours until his dad was finally able to cheer him up. Kade was right. He had a great teacher this year. We got so lucky. She was an absolute angel and her cute mom would dress up in a gown and wear a tiara and made her appearance every Friday as the Queen. So sweet. The students spent the week earning paper coins that they were able to spend in the Queen's store on each Friday. What a blast!

This is the thank you basket I made for Kade's teacher this year. It's filled with office supplies and her favorite candy bars. I hope Kade's teacher next year is half as sweet as this year's teacher was.

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