Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forever Spring!

I have always loved Spring! Spring in Utah comes and goes way too fast...sometimes it seems we skip it all-together. Not this year. We have had chilly days in June and tons of rain this year. The longest "Spring" I ever remember having. By this time of year everything in Utah usually turns yellow, it's beautiful in its own way, but look at these green, lush pictures of the path where I ride my bike. Isn't it gorgeous?! I had to take my camera along with me today and capture it.
Happy Spring!
Come back soon,


Laura Boyer said...

Where is the trail you ride? I'm looking for a good place to ride my bike and to take our YW.
You have come very cute ideas!

Kathy said...

Sorry, I posted that not knowing my daughter was still signed in on my computer!! I am really the one who wants the information about the bike path!
ps - I hope it works this time!
my email is if the link does not work again!


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