Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Genie Bra Review

Like all women, I have a love/hate relationship with bras. It's a "can't live with them, can't live without them" kinda thing. I know you understand. So my story goes like relationship with my bra wasn't going all that well. I have a history of bad relationships with bras. The back strap was constantly riding up, the shoulder straps falling off my shoulders, ribs tired and sore every night from being bound up too tightly all day! Then came the final underwire bra bit me! Ouch! I was confused and hurt that my longtime companion would turn on me like this. At first i wasn't sure how this had happened, but with a little bit of probing I discovered the broken underwire protruding from the seam that used to hold it securely in place. This was more than I could take. My relationship with this bra had to end right now! It was over! I threw the traitor out to the curb as I wiped a tear from my eye. (oh no. Not because I was sad, but because I was still hurting from my bite wound.). Something had to change. I had to find a new bra that I could live happily ever after with. Then I saw an infomercial about the Bra I had always dreamt of. The Genie Bra. This bra promised to be comfortable, attractive, supportive, shapely and well, pretty much perfect. "Hmm", I thought, "Could I have actually found my dream bra on tv? Do I dare order a bra having never tried it on?". Memories of shopping trips spent in dressing rooms trying on every style of bra in the store came flooding to my mind. Among these memories there is not a single incident when I left the store excited about the bra I had finally settled on (and I mean "settled"). I looked up at the TV again and listened to the women on the infomercial expounding on the virtues of this amazing new bra. So I did it. I made a decision. I grabbed the credit card and the phone and committed myself to a new life with a comfortable, perfect bra. I turned to my sports bra for comfort as I waited for my new bra to come. Actually it was 6 bras. The deal was for three bras at 59.99 plus shipping and handling (12.99), but I could double my order for free. All I had to pay for was the extra shipping and handling which was 12.99 for a grand total of 85.97. That's a lot of money right? But we all know bras aren't cheap. And I was getting 6.
A couple of days after I ordered the bras I got an email saying that they were back ordered and it would be a little longer than the 3 to 4 weeks the company promised. It looked like I would be wearing my sports bra even longer than I thought.
About a month later a large, white, padded envelope arrived in the mail. At first I thought it was my Genie Bras, but when I looked at the package again I thought, "Surely this can be the bras I paid 25 dollars Shipping on to have sent to me over a month ago." I mean, how expensive is it to put a little padded envelope that weighs almost nothing on the slow boat? I opened up the envelope. It was my bras. I guess most of that 25.00 went to handling!? Whatever that is.
It was time to try out the new bra that was going to change my life from one of discomfort and pain to one of shapley, supportive, bliss. I was a little skeptical when I pulled out one of the new bras. It reminded me of a sports bra only much lighter and thinner. After trying it on, I felt a rush of horror and disappointment. THIS was the magic solution to my bra problems? Where was the support? Where was the shapely figure I was promised? This was worse than a sports bra. It was a sports bra without the support! And I think I know why they send you three... The fabric is very thin. Maybe you're supposed to wear all three at once? I have worn these for a week and now the thin, stretchy fabric is rolling up. That's really attractive and super comfortable as you can imagine. Life with the Genie Bra is not a happy one. In fact, I wish they would have just sent me a genie, period. With my three wishes I would have come up with a better solution to all my bra problems, but no, now I will be returning to the department stores, trying on every bra, shelling out too much money and leaving the store disappointed with the bra I settled on. Back straps riding up, shoulder straps falling down and tired, tender ribs and maybe even an occasional bite. Like I said before, a love/hate relationship.


doodlebug said...

I have to disagree I'm in love with this bra. I have just returned from a long hot week at YW camp and I couldn't have asked for a better bra. I hate bras just as much as anyone I'm sure but this one is so comfortable that I even slept in it and it felt just like another layer of skin...... Love, Love this bra....

SUZY said...

Hey Doodlebug,

I just got back from Girl's Campand guess what I wore? You were right it's the perfect camp bra. I wore it all day and to bed. Thanks for the idea.


Tammy said...

I found myself laughing at this post, and then understanding exactly how you feel. I hate paying for them because who sees them anyway. So, here's your answer. Go to Lace by Louise and have them fit you. I love them. I will not go anywhere else. Sure you'll pay about $40-50 but it's totally worth it. I promise. I just bought me two more, I wouldn't dream of going to another.

And seriously, these people on the infomercials love people like you. I hope you returned them, it is usually 100% guaranteed. Good luck, and thanks again for the laugh.

SUZY said...

Tammy, I love you!!! Where is this lace by Louise place? I didn't return the bras. I do use them though. You know those times when you are relaxing in your P.J.s and the doorbell rings unexpectedly? You have to make a quick decision about whether to open the door or not because you aren't wearing a bra? Well, now I wear my flimsy little Genie Bra! Oh, and I wore it to camp and Trek. Haha.


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