Thursday, June 30, 2011

My "Happy" Chairs!!!

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These chairs make me happy every time I see them! I LOVE how they turned out!!! I made them to go in my craft room. My craft room needs major help and I am going to design the rest of the room around these chairs.

I got these chairs months ago at Savers. The cushions were still covered with plastic and they were in great shape so I didn't remove the white fabric like I normally would have.

Can you believe I only paid $5.99 for each chair? I LOVE it!

First I removed the chair cushions and then sanded the heck out of the chairs. I painted them with glossy spray paint. While they were drying I recovered the cushions. This is the easiest part. I just wrapped the cushions in my new fabric and stapled the fabric in place with a staple gun.

Here's what it looks like when it's all stapled.

When the chair is dry replace the screws to reattach the seat.

SO EASY!!! I just love them! I found some some cute fabric that goes great with the chairs. I'll be using these to make the rest of my dingy, unorganized craft room "happier".

Come back soon,


Mrs. Frey said...

great prices, they turned out adorable!

SUZY said...

Thanks Rose! You are so nice!

shannonigan said...

I love them!!!

SUZY said...

Thanks Shannon. Did you see the clock post? Can you believe I finally finished mine? You should send me a picture of your clock. It turned out so dang cute! I would love to post it!


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