Monday, June 20, 2011

Sugar Daddy Boutonniere

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Is this cute or what? This is what all of the father's were given at church on Sunday. I was so happy to see them honored on Father's Day! Our church's Women's group ( the Relief Society) made them. There are so many great, honorable fathers in the world. My husband is just one of them. This was his lapel right after church. I hurried to snap some photos before he took it off so I could share this cute idea. From far away it looks like a real flower.

This is how they were made:

Small Sugar Daddy Sucker
Green Florist's Tape
Flower(s) of your choice
Safety pin
Hot glue and glue gun

I didn't make this so I don't have pictures of the steps, but the assembly is really simple.

Hold flower(s), greenery and sucker together the way you want them and wrap the stem of the flower(s) and the sucker stick together with the florist's tape. Not sure if it would be easier to start at the top or the bottom, but if one way seems too hard try it the other way. Maybe the leaves were already on the flower, I can't tell.

Glue ribbon or bow where you want it with hot glue. Hot glue safety pin on back of boutonniere leaving some of it unglued so it can be pinned to lapel.

Done! Seriously. How easy is that?

Something I learned about Father's day yesterday regarding flowers...

RED roses were given to honor fathers who were still living and WHITE were given to those who had passed on. Interesting huh? Thanks Debbie.

My kids and I gave my husband his presents last night. My daughter Hayley suggested we hold back our notes to him and tape them all over his steering wheel last night so that he would see them this morning when he got in his car to drive to work. what a great way to start out a new work week. He loved it! He was so touched by such a gesture and said he is going to make them last all week by reading one each day.

I took a picture, but it's a really bad mobile phone one. I'll post it anyway.

Come back soon,


shannonigan said...

Way cute!

SUZY said...

Thank you Sis! You remembered your email! I love you. It was a blast spending time with you today. :)

shannonigan said...

I enjoyed you and Mo so much! Hope we can get together again soon:)

neisha said...

I loved this project! We made them with our YW. I shared my take on it on my blog:


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