Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Young Women Activty Bike Ride "Journey Through Life"

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We did this activity this morning. it was so much fun!

Most of the girls brought their own bikes, but we were able to find bikes for those who didn't have them. We all met at the YW Presidents house where we packed the bikes onto her flatbed trailer. I was surprised at how quickly the trailer filled up. We ended up grabbing a van, removing the seats and fitting a few more bikes in that.

We gave the girls a "Survival Kit" for their journey before we left. Our bishop often reminds them of the 3 things they need to do to stay on the right path.
1. Pray everyday
2. Read scriptures daily
3. Come to church

Inside the kit was:
1. Pretzels (looks like arms folded in prayer.)
2. Red vines. ( Symbolizing the iron rod ).
3. Water (the Living Water or Christ)

We headed to a beautiful bike path in city and rode for about 4 miles where we stopped and ate sack lunches (each girl brought her own) after lunch and a little rest. We rode the trail back the way we came. It was a blast!

HERE is a printable copy of the invitation I copied 4 to a page so they were smaller. If you go to PRINT and then PREFERENCES, then FEATURES, then PAGES PER SHEET, select 4 PAGES PER SHEET. It should work. And HERE is a copy of the cards that I taped to the items in the survival kit.

Things I would have done differently
1. Go earlier. We met at 10:00 am. It took us till 11:00 to finally get on the path. It was too hot!
2. Shorter ride. I think the ride was a little too long for some. Especially leaders. 3 miles there and back would be perfect.

Come back soon,

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Kathy said...

Hi Suzy,
I left a comment on an earlier post! Where is the trail you ride? It would be great fun to take the girls. I'm looking for a new trail - my favorite is currently underwater! :)
email: dkboyer@comcast.net

Sharon Wales said...

I am so glad I found your blog (on pinterest)!!! Your ideas are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

SUZY said...

Dear Sharon,
Thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad you found me! I hope you'll come back again. Do you LOVE Pinterest? I can't seem to stay off that site. So many great ideas!



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