Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 24 "Agency"

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Handout for Manual 3 Lesson 24:

This is an easy handout! I know it's very similar to the "Opposition" handout with the Sour Patch Kids, but to be honest, this is my "go to" method of putting together a handout. I buy the cellophane bags in bulk and I use them a lot! It's pretty easy to print out a page topper, staple and be done with it (and no one has complained yet).

All you will need is:
1. A printout of the quote/scripture. found HERE. I printed it onto yellow card stock. You can use white or whatever color you like.

2. Cellophane bags or plastic sandwhich bags, or whatever you have that will work.
3. Gumballs (mine were kind of pricey. I was in a hurry. I know you can find them cheaper. Try buying from a bulk/bin thing.
4. A stapler

1. Fill bags with a few gumballs
2. Cut the page topper out around the outside red lines.
3. Fold in page toppers half
4. Fold down the top of the bag and fit the page topper over the fold..
5. Staple in place

You're done! Was that easy or what?
Good luck on your lesson!

Come back soon,

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Mrs. Frey said...

that is so cute!

SUZY said...

Well hello "Mrs. Frey", I miss you! Hope you and your family are good!

Evelyn said...

What a great idea! I am off to Walgreens to buy what I need to make these for my lesson tomorrow. I just came upon your blog via Sugardoodle. It looks great and I love your ideas! Definitely one I will bookmark and use often!

SUZY said...

Hi Evelyn,
Hope your lesson went well. I'm glad you found my blog. Its nice to know I'm not just posting all this stuff to myself. Ha ha.

Moira said...

Hi Suzy,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and creative talents. I made the handouts for the Overcoming Opposition lesson and will do the same for this lesson as I also buy the cello bags in bulk online. It is a great idea and they can be used for everything and anything.
Thank you!

SUZY said...

Thanks for commenting Moira. I love hearing from those who are using these ideas. It lets me know I'm am posting them for a reason. Good luck with your lesson!


Atkins Family said...

Thanks for the Great lesson ideas. My yw loved the handout.


SUZY said...

"Atkins Family". I'm glad your YW liked this handout. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.


Dyana365 said...

I so appreciate your wonderfully clever handouts. Please don't ever feel like what you post is a waste!! I use your ideas often for my laurel class and they love them. Thanks for sharing you hard work with all of us. It not only benefits your girls, but so many others!!

Marissa Maxfield said...

I also just found your blog through sugardoodle and bookmarked it! Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas, it is such a big help!

SUZY said...

Dear Dyana and Marissa,

I have used a ton of ideas from other people's blogs and it never even crossed my mind to take time to leave a comment and thank them or to let them know that someone was actually using their ideas. Thanks for being way more considerate than I was!!!


Lisa said...

thanks so much for the cute idea and the link to the bag topper!

SUZY said...


You are very welcome! Glad you could use it!



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