Friday, July 29, 2011

"Happy Birthday Candy Bar Wrapper"

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This is an easy, fast birthday gift for your Young Women or friends. I just printed out the Tags and wrapper HERE

I printed the tags (page 1) on card stock and the wrappers (pages 2 and 3)on regular paper. The regular paper wraps around the candy bar better. My printer prints the last page first so I made sure my card stock is on the bottom of the three pages before I printed it.

For some reason the black and white pattern on the background of the wrapper disappeared when I converted the file to PDF, but you can use regular scrapbook paper for the backgroud using the outside border of the wrapper as a measurment guide or just print use it the way it is and use the bow to add color!

Cut the wrapper out along the outside border and wrap it around a big candy bar. They go on sale for a buck here all the time. I used Symphony and Hershey bars.

Secure the wrapper with double-sided tape.

Cut out a tag and write your message.

Punch hole where circle is on tag.

Tie a bow around the candy bar on the left side and attach the tag.

This is perfect when you want to wish someone a Happy Birthday, but you don't want to burden them with the feeling of  "Now I have to get her something on her birthday".  Ha ha!

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