Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 30, Scripture Study"

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Here is the handout for this lesson:

My sister Shannon gave me the idea for the little chocolate scriptures. When I saw them I couldn't wait to use them. This is the perfect lesson for them :)

The scriptures are made with two Hershey's Nuggets candy pieces. Make sure they are wrapped in gold wrappers because they also come in silver (which I guess is fine too.)

Print out a copy of Handout base HERE. Onto white card stock.

Cut out leaving a small border of white around edges.

Print a sheet of scriptures HERE. ***It was brought to my attention that I had the scripture reference wrong. It is 2 Timothy, not 1 Timothy. I changed the printable document.

Cut just inside outline. So you end up with no border.

Fold in half to make a crease down the middle of the two "pages".

Tape red ribbon on back.

Turn scripture over tape to chocolate with double-sided tape bringing ribbon to front. (see picture). I tacked mine down with a tiny piece of tape to keep it down.

I traced the candies at this point and made a black base and taped it to the bottom of the scriptures. (I think you could skip this step)

Tape the scriptures to the handout base as shown.

So cute!

Come back soon,

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S Davis said...

So Cute! Thanks thanks for sharing, I will definitely be using this on Sunday.

SUZY said...

"S Davis", glad you could use the handout idea. I'm so happy you liked it. I Hope your lesson goes well! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


The Traylor's said...

Love this idea! I was actually looking for a reward for my Sunbeams for when they remember to bring their scriptures to church. My friend found this for me. I think I'll just change the actual handout to be age appropriate, but I love the little chocolate scriptures...so cute! Thanks for sharing!

SUZY said...


Your Sunbeams are going to love the handouts you are making them! What a sweet teacher. They will all definitely be bringing those scriptures.


A.P. said...

Such a great idea! I have to admit, teaching a lesson on scripture study can be a little difficult as far as making it exciting and finding something unique to grasp their attention. I think this will work perfectly for that and really add to the lesson. Thanks for taking the time to post it and helping those of us out who are less creative.

SUZY said...

Thanks for being so sweet. I hope your lesson goes well. I'm glad you were able to use this idea. Whoever thought of these little scriptures is so clever! I just think they're adorable!


john and brenda said...

Thank you Suzy! What a brilliant handout! I can't wait to use it this week.

Sandi said...

This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing freely!

Amberly said...

This is the perfect handout for my lesson. I'm glad other people are creative, I'm just not! Thank you!!

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

This is such a darling idea. I am so using it for my young women. I just wanted to point out something about the scripture. It is actually
2Timothy instead of 1Timothy. Thank you so much for your creativity, I appreciate your willingness in sharing it on
Sugardoodle! :)

SUZY said...

Benda, Sandi, Amberly and Lisa, Thanks for your coments. I LOVE hearing from you! I hope your lessons went well and that your handouts turned out darling.


Lisa, thanks for pointing out my mistake on the scripture. These poor girls will have a hard time finding it if they ever try looking it up. I will get that fixed ASAP

Julianna said...

I LOVE the scriptures. Such a cute idea! I linked you from my blog as well: http://juliannashelps.blogspot.com/2011/08/yw-3-30-scripture-study.html

Moira said...

Hi Suzy,
I taught this lesson last week and made your little handout, we dont have the Hersheys Nuggets in Australia so I used 2 squares of chocolate from a normal chocolate bar, wrapped in old foil and it worked. Thank you so much for your awesome ideas, the girls loved it!

Moira said...

Sorry, I meant to say GOLD foil the 'g' key doesn't work so well on my laptop!

SUZY said...

Ha ha Moira,

Gold foil is a much better idea than old foil. Thanks for letting me know how it went last week. What a great improvisation. you're brilliant!


Noura said...

You are a life saver and I sooo enjoy your site!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

SUZY said...

Dear Noura,
Thanks for the nice comment. I'm glad you've been able to use some of the the things on this blog. Thanks for posting. I loved hearing from you.


Marissa Maxfield said...

I adore this idea! Thanks for taking the time to share with us. I love designing handouts but sometimes my creativity is lacking and the first site I check is yours!

SUZY said...

Aw Marissa,

Thanks for the nice comments. I also use other peoples ideas a ton. These scriptures are someone else's idea. I just don't know who's. I really do appreciate your kind words. I love following you on Pinterest. You have great taste!


Jill @Two Yellow Birds Decor said...

I am a new follower! I found you via google search. I love this idea. I am using it for my lesson on Sunday in Primary! Thanks so much!

Jenalee said...

What a clever idea for a handout. Thank you for sharing it.

Christine said...

I just made these scriptures and tweaked the hand out for our Girls Camp--thank you so much for showing me how to do this!! I know my girls are going to love them too!

SUZY littlemisssuzyq.blogspot.com said...

Hi Christine,

I'm so glad you found this useful. I was so excited when I saw these!  I could wait to make them. So clever!  Hope your girls love them. 


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found this! It is perfect for YW this week. :) THANK YOU!


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