Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Craft Room

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This is my craft room.  Well, it's actually more of an area than a room. When we bought our house about 8 years ago, we thought we would use this area as a second kitchen.  We have never done that!  I used to have my stuff in an office upstairs, but we needed it for my husband so I moved everything down here and I LOVE IT!
It's really dark and dingy down in our basement so I need a lot of lights.  The yellow paint really cheers things up.  The pictures make the walls look almost peach, but they are a beautiful, warm yellow.
One of the best things about having my crafts in this half kitchen is the cupboards and the sink.  I use the sink all of the time and the cupboards are full of supplies and tools.
(Oops, I should have moved that light.)  This part of the room is painted in Harvest Brown by BEHR.  I have a lot of this color in the house.  It's kind of the house's main color as I slowly get rid of the original white walls.

(Sorry about this horrible photo) This wall is empty except for these racks that hold my stamps.  I placed them high so they wont get knocked off.  Everything I hang on this wall gets knocked off because it's kind of a hallway or at least a pathway to a bedroom and bathroom.  It looks like I'm some kind of awesome stamper, but my sister (she used to sell Stampin' up) actually gave me almost all of these stamps.  I'm really not very experienced with stamps, but having them hanging here is making me excited to try some new projects.
If you want to know anymore or even want to see inside a cupboard or drawer leave a coment or send me an email and I'll show more details.

Come back soon,


Andrea said...

I love it! Where did you get the cute "Love makes everything grow" vinyl sticker?

SUZY said...

You ready for this Andrea? I got it at Dollar Tree yesterday. They had some really cute ones.


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