Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Young Woman "Start of School Spa Night" Activity

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Since school started yesterday we wanted to do an activity today that was laid back and low key so that the girls could  relax and visit about the new school year and share what's going on with their lives.  I made each girl a jar of foot scrub.  The Quote on the jar is to remind them that as this school year begins they should reflect  on their lives and make some goals to keep them on the right path.

I printed out the tags found HERE onto tan (or maybe it's taupe) paper and puched them out with a 2 inch circle punch.
I cut out the white scalloped circle on my Cricut cutter using the Sugar and Spice Cartridge.  (I used "real dial size 2 1/2")  You could use a 2 1/2" Scallop punch if you dont have a Cricut or you can glue the circle to white paper and cut around the circle with a pair of scalloped sissors.
I attached the tag to a jar using pink ribbon adding a Baskin Robbin's sample spoon as I tied.

I got these jars at Hobby Lobby.  They are regularly $1.99, but all glass was on sale the day I bought them and I got them at 50% off.

Here is the foot scrub recipe:

1 cup of packed brown Sugar
1/2 cup Mineral oil or vegatable oil
2 teaspoons Almond extract
2 capsules vitamin E (Opt)

Mix all ingredients.   I used the cheap stuff. (I actually used my already opened brown sugar that was kind of hard, we're putting this on our feet after all.)  I mixed the ingredients with my hands and boy were my hands soft afterwards.  :)
When it's mixed just put it in an air tight container and it's ready to go!

I hope they like it!
Come back soon,


Lisa Robbins said...

This is such a great idea! I am going to pin this on pinterest!!

SUZY said...

Hi Lisa,
We had fun the night we did this. We gave the girls a foot scrubbing and foot massage and just talked and enjoyed each other's company. Their feet were really soft when they went home. Ha ha. Thanks for pinning this on pinterest. Every once in a while I see something pinned there from this blog and it's so fun!


redmom said...

Any idea how long this will stay good for?

Suzy said...

Hi Redmom. That is a great question! I made this scrub in August and mine is still good. I don't really know how long it will last, but since it is mostly sugar. I think it should last for a long time. --I'm thinking 6 months or so.

redmom said...

Awesome, thanks! Just wanted to know how far in advance I could make it for Christmas gift and it would still be good for :D

SUZY said...

I made a similar scrub with regular granulated sugar and after several weeks it hardened. It's not rotton or moldy or anything though. I still use it and it works great.


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