Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Young Women Activity, "Happy To Be Friends"

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After having our lesson on "Serving in The Community", we realized that although we've been having a lot of fun in Young Women, we haven't done enough service lately so for tonight's activity we are going to visit some of the people in our ward, especially those that are older and/or living alone.  We are taking them a small loaf of whole wheat bread with this little jar of honey butter.  The girls will ask them questions about the way things were when they were teens.
My jar has no honey butter in it yet because my job was to decorate the jars and my friend Patty is making the honey butter, however HERE is a recipe I'm dying to try. It's supposed to taste like Texas Roadhouse's Cinnamon Honey Butter. scroll down just a bit to get to the recipe.
To Make the labels pint out the page HERE.  I used white card stock.  You'll see the items needed in the picture below.  If you do not have a Xyron-create-a-sticker don't sweat it.  You can use whatever adhesive you want to.  You can always do things another way.  I'm just showing you the way I did it.
What I used :
3 inch glass jar with snap lid (it's small. The bottom measures about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" - adorable!)
Small scalloped scissors (opt)
1 1/4" circle punch
Xyron - create - a - sticker
1. Wash and dry jars.
2. Punch out bees with circle punch
3. Cut out labels with scalloped or regular scissors
4. Attach to top and front of jar with adhesive of choice.  I used the Xyron Create-a-Sticker because it has a strong hold.  Glue dots would work well too.
5. Tie some cute ribbon around neck of jar in a double knot.
6. Fill with Honey Butter. (Actually I would fill the jars with Honey Butter first so you don't have to worry about getting the labels dirty.)

That's it!  These ones were pretty quick.  I am excited to give them out on our visits tonight.  Hope you can find a use for them too.  They would be great Visiting teacher gifts or  just fun to give to a friend or a new neighbor.

Come back soon,


Unknown said...

These are absolutely adorable. I just found your site and I LOVE it. Can you tell me where you bought the jars for the "Happy to Be Friends" honey jar? Thanks so much for making our job easier! :)

SUZY said...

Dear "Unknown". Ha ha. Thank you for your comment. I'm. Glad you found my blog. I got the bottles at Ben Franklin Crafts, but I've seen similar ones at Michael's and at Hobby Lobby. Try the cinnamon honey butter recipe. It's SOO good!
Have fun!

Kellie said...

So excited to have found your blog. This is so cute. Many thanks for sharing :)


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