Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 35, "Dating Decisions"

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***I have posted a new label to match the New For The Strength of Youth pamphlet.  You can print it out HERE.***

This is such an important lesson and we are so fortunate that we have inspired guidlines to help us teach our Young Women.  I chose to focus a lot on the "For The Strength of Youth" Booklet.

HERE is a copy of the lesson from the manual.

Here are some links

1. New Era special issue on dating, Apr. 2010.
2. Video: “Chastity—What Are the Limits?” lds.org/youth/video.
3. For The Strength of Youth

Here is my handout:

Even though they all should have a copy of the book, "For The Strength of Youth" I don't think it will hurt to give them a new one.  Who knows where their other books are.  They may not even have them anymore.

I just put a book in a clear cellophone bag (about the size of a lunch sack) and attached the quote (found HERE) with a ribbon.  Very simple!

***I have posted a new label to match the New For The Strength of Youth pamphlet.  You can print it out HERE.***

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phoover72 said...

Where did you find the clear cellophane bags that were large enough?

SUZY said...

Hi Phoover72,

I found cellophane bags at Ben Franklin in Kaysville, Utah. There is a section that just has bags and boxes. I know a lot of people by cellophane bags online. If you can't find bags that will work you can just wrap them in cellophane.


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