Thursday, September 1, 2011

Memo Board for home or Young Women Activity

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This is my memo board I have hanging in my craft room. You can use it so many different places and for so many different things. I have Young Women handouts on the board in the picture, but you could use it for picture, hairbows, jewelry, projects in progress, etc.

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I got the idea HERE.  Hmm a bed on the wall?  Although I don't totally love the idea there was a part of it that seemed intriguing to me and it became the inspiration for my final project :). All you need is:
1. Any size frame (I got mine for 10.00 at a thrift store.)
2. Picture hanging wire
3. a staple gun
If you look at the pictures you'll see what a cinch this project is. I just started stapling the wire to the frame. I stapled across horizontally, then I went across vertically weaving over and under the existing wire as I went. I wrapped the ends under as shown in picture and in just a few minutes, I was done.
I found these cute clothespins for really cheap at a discount store. They are smaller than the average size, but whatever you find will be perfect, I'm sure. I do have a cute clothespin craft to show you. I'll post that next time.
HERE is the link to the cute clothespin craft.
This would be a fun Young Women project. Its really inexpensive. The girls could bring their own frames and they would whip up really fast. They could make them to display their Handout from YW.
Hmmm Maybe I'll see if my Miamaids want to make one.

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