Saturday, September 3, 2011

Volleyball Getting To Know You Game

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We played this game at Girl's Camp and It was such a blast! (Thanks Denell). 

This is how you play...
1.Get a ball (any ball will do.  You could use one of those cheepy balls you get at the grocery store for a dollar).  Write questions all over the ball. HERE is a list of possible questions.
2. Sit in a circle. Whoever has the ball tosses it to someone in the circle.
3. The person who catches the ball answers the question that is closest to her left thumb.
4. After answering the question, that girl then tosses the ball to someone else in the circle.

That's it.  Simple and fun.  You find out some fun things about each other you didn't know.

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Peggy Jean said...

I just found your blog through sugar doodle and I just had to tell you how nmuch I love it!!! Seriously You have amazing ideas and have totally helped me with preparing my lesson! Thanks so much and I am so excited to follow your blog!


SUZY said...

Peggy Jean,
Thanks for the sweet comment. You made me feel so great! I'm glad to have you following my blog. Hope you'll continue to find ideas here that help in your calling.



Moira said...

Hi Suzy it's me again! I am all over your blog because I love it so much :) Our girls had a Ladybug Friendship Night and we used this idea with a balloon. We attached pictures of ladybugs with the questions written on the back of the pictures, the girls had so much fun patting the balloon to each other. Just wanted you to know that you have become a very special part of our YW's activities, everyone knows Suzy!!
Thank you little Miss Suzy Q for all your amazing ideas and your outstanding talents.
We all love you!!

SUZY said...

Moira, I pretty much love you by now! Your comment had me smiling from ear to ear. I really appreciated your kind words. Much of what I share on my blog is the passing along of other people's ideas and I always make an effort to give credit where credit is due, but it means a ton to know that you are enjoying the things I post and that your girls are benefitting from them. Tell them Suzy Q says "Hi".


SUZY said...

PS Moira, I LOVE the way you adapted this game with the balloon and the lady bugs. Awesome idea!



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