Monday, September 19, 2011

Young Women Activity "Fancy Fast Food"

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The girls were really excited about this activity. (We did it several months ago.)

 Look how pretty the table is. (The bad cell phone pictures don't do it justice.) Can you believe we are at McDonald's? Each girl had 2 dollars to spend. Half of them only spent one. Were able to do this because we only had 5 Miamaids. It was fun. I think the activities that allow for time to visit are the most fun. They did become incredibly obsessed with the lit candles though and we finally had to put them out. Ha ha.

 We all drove to McDonald's together and we set the table when we got there. The Miamaids adviser and I brought the plates, candles, tablecloth etc. This was a really easy and stress free activity and had a lot of fun. I guess the lesson in this activity if there is one, would be learning to budget because even with the dollar menu the girls had to make choices about how to spend their budget.

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