Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Young Women Lesson 37, "The Word of God as a Standard"

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I like the way the lesson in the manual (found HERE) suggests so much participation from the class members.  I made an assignment for each girl and we discussed the topics suggested in the lesson manual.  In closing I talked about Lehi's dream and the Iron Rod. How the Iron Rod is the only way we can get to the Tree of Life.  We have all been baptized and have partaken of the fruit, but we have to make sure that we don't "drop the fruit" in shame because of the philosophies of man or peer pressure or anything else that causes us to quit obeying the commandments. (I have to give my daughter Madison credit here.  She is the one that said "Don't drop the fruit" in a talk and I thought it was a great simple way to remember to hold fast to the rod and to never give up!)

For the handout I printed the picture found HERE. I think it's okay to share because it is part of the Gospel Art Kit and I'm not selling it.
I attached it to a bag of powdered doughnuts representing the fruit which is white and sweet!

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Kate said...

Thank you for this idea and handout! Love it!

Georgina Close said...

thanks so much Suzy!!!
i'm going to use fresh strawberries cause they have just come into season and are yummo.
x Georgie x

Suzy said...

I want some Georgina!!! Strawberries are my favorite! :). Good luck with your lesson. This is the first YW lesson I ever taught.


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