Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paper Scraps Storage

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Paper Storage!!!  Something I have struggled with since I started scrapbooking at age 20!  I have tried SO many different methods and finally I have figured out what works for me!
Let's start with scraps since I think that is the most difficult.  I have found several ways to store scraps, but I bury them in some drawer or bag never to see them again because I don't want to go on a little treasure hunt everytime I need a scrap of paper.  This is what I came up with.  These magazine boxes used to house our Ensign magazines.  Hello digital age!  Yay! I store my 11 1/2' x 8" paper along with my scraps in these boxes.  (I'm not sure where you can get these boxes, but I have seen people make them out of cereal boxes)  I sort them by color.  When I need a certain color I just grab the box.  It has worked perfectly for me.
  I have all of my 12" x 12" papers stored on these racks. My Dad got these shelves for my sister and when she went to a new method of storing paper she gave them to me.  My card stock and patterned paper are sorted by color on the rack nearest the wall and the second rack holds Basic Grey Collection Packs.  (I kind of LOVE Basic Grey!)  I keep each Collection Pack together because they are coordinated so even the littlest scrap goes back in the bag.
Well, There you have it.  Now all I need is more free time to use the paper.  At least it's organized so that when I do get a minute to whip something up I don't have to hunt for what I need.  That not only saves me time, but It's easier for me to be creative when I'm not working in a mess.  Believe me, I've done it both ways!

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santasbiggestelf said...

You exhaust me girl!!!

SUZY said...

Hey Susan!

What the heck? No one can exhaust you. You're super woman!


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