Monday, October 24, 2011

Primary Manual 3 Lesson 37 "I'll Serve Jesus Christ By Serving Others"

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Today I taught my very first lesson to my new CTR 7 Primary class.  They are absolutely darling!  They are so full of love and they are super smart.  They knew I was coming and they were so cute and excited.  It made me feel really good!  There are 7 girls in the class and 2 boys.  This includes 2 girls and 1 boy that don't come regularly, but I am hoping I can get to know them and help them to feel comfortable so they will come.
    This  idea is from the lesson Manual.  This is the way our class did it.

You can cut or punch out any flower you want. I cut out my flowers using my Cricut.  "A Walk In My Garden" cartridge.  I set it on 4 1/2'.  I used paper from Basic Grey's Lime Rickey Line.

To make the circles on the flowers - print HERE onto paper of your choice.  I printed mine onto yellow card stock.  Then punched the letters and smiles out using a 1 1/2" punch.
Attach the circles to each flower.  Have the each kid in your class choose a flower and write on the back a way he/she can show love for Jesus Christ.  Make sure he/she includes his/her name.
Tape flower to a stick (I used wooden skewers) and planter box or vase.  I already had this planter box with Styrofoam and moss ready to go.  I just tied a bow around the box.

We also made The Bishop this little block with the Lyrics to the song "Busy As A Man Can Be".  You can print a copy HERE.  We made this the same way as the TEMPLE BLOCKS that are posted on this blog.  Once you have some wood cut out, it's EASY!  I'm making "Blocks" all over the place!

We delivered these to the Bishop just before our class time ended.

I had made CAKE POPS for my visiting teaching ladies.  So I wrapped one up for each member in my class (You could use any treat!) and added a tag (PRINT HERE) with a little rhyme reminding them to do some service for someone before they eat their treat.  (No fair judging my rhyme.  I had this idea Sunday morning and I have 9 am church so I had to work fast!)

 They were really psyched about these.  I'm glad I did them.

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Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

so cute! I love the cake pops idea! Too bad I waited until this morning to look for ideas, lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow you are so talented I can't wait to use the ideas


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