Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I thought I would share some news!  My daughter Madison is engaged!  
Here she is with her husband to be, Garrett.  We love him!  I'm excited for my daughter and I'm excited about the upcoming wedding.  This is our first kid to get married so I feel a little like a deer in the headlights.  There is a lot to do.  The big day is March 7th.  I'm not sure if they are having the reception at a church or a reception center yet, so I'm not really sure how involved I'll be but my head is spinning.  I have a "Weddings" board on Pinterest and I've been pinning like a crazy person.  I'll post when I know more!

Come back soon,


Patti said...

Congratulations Madi! We are excited for you!

Peggy Jean said...

What an adorable couple!! Congrats!

Suzy said...

Thanks Patti! Madi loves you! (so do I).
Thanks Peggy Jean! I think they're adorable too. Let's see if we can pull off a reception worthy of them. :). I'm drawing a complete blank. I have no ideas whatsoever. :(


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