Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Advent

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I have wanted to make a cute advent calender for a long time now.  My youngest child is 7 and he lives with a bunch of adults and teenagers.  I want him to get the fun kid stuff my other children have and I thought this would be the perfect thing.  My friend Julie made one of these Christmas tree advents and I fell in love with it. 
The wooden tree with drawers was around 25 or 30 dollars at Michael's, but I saw an ad last week saying they were down to 16.00.  
The first thing I did was to number the bottom of each drawer so that they would  fit in their slots when I finished.  Then I removed the knob from each drawer. From the picyure it looks like I cut the knobs off, but I just eased them out using my old rusty wire cutters. They worked because I was able to fit the nose of the pliers under the knob.    
Next, I cut out my paper squares.  I cut them the same size as the front of the drawer  which was barely under 2 inches.  I spread them out and decided what order they would go in and then I numbered the back of each one.
   My friend, Julie punched holes in her squares to accommodate the knobs, but I am lazier than she is and I didn't want to paint my drawers.  I especially didn't want to have to sand them to make them fit.  So this is my high tech solution...I jabbed a pencil into the hole and turned it until it made a nice hole.

I used Mod Podge to glue the paper squares onto the drawer fronts.  I only used Mod Podge on the back of the paper because I wanted a Matt, paper finish. I put the drawers back to make sure I liked the way it looked.
I sanded the edges of each drawer to even out the paper edges and to give the paper a worn look.  I painted the knobs with black acrylic paint being careful to paint only the top and not the "stem" of the knob so that it would fit back in the drawer.

Then I removed the drawers again and painted the tree black. I added paper to the sides and bottom of the tree and sanded it till smooth like I did with the drawers. When the paint dried I returned the drawers to their places and put number stickers on the drawers and put decorative stickers on some.  Then I put a little glue on each knob and replaced it into the holes.  They fit perfectly!
I filled each drawer with a candy kiss or a Reese's peanut butter cup and a little ornament.  
The Advent Tree is next to a little Christmas tree where Kade can put his ornament each day after he opens the drawer.  I put all of this in our entry way so that Kade can do this on his way out to the bus each morning.  It's great incentive to get him out the door on time.    I used the Basic Grey Jovial paper and stickers and I used Basic Grey number stickers fromvarious collections-stuff I had in my scrapbook stash already.  I love the way the tree turned out and expect it to be part of our Christmas for many years. 

Thanks for checking in!
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Tammy said...

Love it! How fun for Kade for many years to come with wonderful memories!!!

Merry Christmas!

SUZY said...

Aww. Thanks Tammy! Can't wait for our party next week. You always do such a great job! You need to let me post something you've created. You are so talented. Love you!


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