Saturday, December 31, 2011

Toto, are we in Kansas or what?

So I thought I would post pictures of the aftermath of our weird windstorm we got a few weeks ago. I say, "weird" because we just don't get windstorms like this in Utah.

I woke up to the spooky eerie noises of the wind whistling through and rattling the windows. When I looked out into the backyard the first thing I noticed was our play yard. My husband made it from a kit we got at Sam's club. This thing is not light. It's super heavy! There it was lying on it's side. The wind was still blowing like crazy and when there was a huge gust it would roll the play yard toward our fence. We tied it to a tree with ropes so that it wouldn't crash into the fence. It ended up rolling right up to the fence, but the ropes stopped it from crashing through. However...

The fence ended

The fence ended up broken anyway. The wind blew so hard it just tore the fence apart.

Oh, and our trampoline? was gone. All that was left of it was a couple of the legs to it. You can see them in the first picture.

It was the craziest thing. We just waited inside the house watching things blow through our yard and listening to objects hit the house. We even watched our neighbor's shed blow through our yard a chunk at a time. Big pieces of the roof, floor and walls.

My daughter's cars were parked in the driveway being pummeled with all of the debris blowing by.

We ended up with about $10,000.00 in damage to our cars, roof, house etc. This has given me new respect for those of you who live in areas where this is more common.

The good part of this was the aftermath. The windstorm was on a Thursday morning. My husband went to Lowes that very day and bought 2 chainsaws. He and my sons immediately began helping people cut down trees that were blocking the roads or their driveways. They spent hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday scanning the neighborhood and making sure everyone was alright. I can only guess how many trees they cut down and hauled away. I was so touched to see them so happy and willing to help.

The weather forecast for Sunday was more wind like that we had experienced on Thursday. There was great concern that all the debris from the fallen trees etc. Would be flying through the air causing even more of a danger than before. We went to Church that morning and got word that all members of our church in the area and the other cities that were affected by the storm were being sent home and were encouraged to go out into our neighborhoods and help clean up debris. It was really awesome to see people so eager to help. We worked until it was dark and we couldn't do anymore.

That night we braced for another storm, but it never came. A relief for sure. That Tuesday the youth in our ward cancelled their planned activities and they joined other volunteers in the neighborhood in helping people who had trees that needed to be cut down and removed.

Wow! I'm so impressed with my neighbors. When people needed help they went out there and took care of it. Nobody waited for the government to save them. We just got out there and helped each other. It wasn't just my neighborhood. All of the neighborhoods that were hit with this storm, which included several cities, experienced the same miracle. The local news was full of story after story documenting the enthusiastic service people were giving all over the area.

Sometimes it's tempting to be discouraged and to believe that all people are selfish these days, but I saw a very different scene a few weeks ago and I still believe that most people are good!

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