Friday, December 30, 2011

What I gave my neighbors this year

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I guess this post would have been a lot more useful if I had posted it before Christmas, but Things were way too crazy for me to post anything so maybe it can be used for next year. This is what I ended up doing for neighbor gifts this year. I bought these wood frames from Michaels. I think they were 5 for 3 dollars or something like that. I bought a pad of Christmas paper and some glitt paper at Michael's and a big spool of red ribbon from Tai Pan. The rest of the supplies were just things I already hand on hand.
I traced the shape of the frame onto scrapbook paper and cut it to fit. I then used Mod Podge to adhere it to the frame. I sanded the edges with a finger nail file till they were flush with the frame and then I inked the edges. I only used Mod Podge on the back because I like the paper finish.
I chose a background of coordinating paper for the frame's center and added a pictue to the center using my Cricut. I love this ornament from the Christmas Village cartridge.

Then I tied a bow around the frame.

I wasn't really thrilled with these when they were finished. They looked flat to me. Kind of boring. I decided to spruce them up with some clear iridescent glitter. I removed the bow and the frame center and sprayed the frame with spray adhesive and then sprinkled it with the glitter. Then I sprayed the frame with anothe light coat of the adhesive. I returned the picture to the center and retied the bow...much better!

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Carol said...

Hi! I love this idea. I am very inexperienced but want to do this for our youth ministry. We are estimating about 100 kids so is this going to work???? Lol. I was hoping there was a way we could do all of the prep beforehand (cutting of paper, ribbon, etc...). The pictures will be those you get from a photo booth. Thanks for your help.


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