Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Snowman Wreath

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Well Christmas is over and it's time to take down the Christmas stuff, Everything seems so drab after Christmas.  The grass is brown, the trees are bare the sky is gray.  I want to put up a holiday decoration, but it's a little early for Valentine's Day so I made a winter wreath for January.  
This wreath took me about 1 1/2  hours to put together.  I used an 18" wire wreath, but you could use straw, Styrofoam or whatever you can find.
I found this blue Poly Mesh last summer at Tai Pan.  I hadn't seen it before and didn't know how to use it, but I thought it was pretty cheap and decided to get it and see what I could come up with.  In the mean time, I found Pinterest and saw poly Mesh projects all over the place.  I love this stuff.  It's really easy to use and it looks nice and full and keeps it's shape. I used 8 yards of it for this wreath.  The better part of the roll.
I gathered some other embellishments like ribbon (8 yards), wired snowflake garland (8 yards), a metal snowman I found at Ben Franklin and some other stuff that I thought might be cute.  I got everything at Ben Franklin for 70% off-after Christmas sale.
 I immediately fell in love with these snowman ponpoms.  SO cute!!
  These are the tools I used: Wire and my rusty wire cutters that I've had my entire adult life.  I think they belonged to my Dad before that.  It's probably time to get new ones.
 I started by laying out my Mesh with ribbon and snowflake wire on top and attached it by wrapping wire around the wreath and materials-see photo.  I wrapped it so the wire would end up on top so the back would be smooth.  The ruffles will hide the ends.
I repeatedly bunched sections of the mesh, ribbon, snowflake wire combo and attached it with wire scrunching it up next to the last section I had attached.  You can do this as tightly or loosely as you want to.  I had to do mine tightly, otherwise the black wire wreath underneath would show through. Plus, I wanted it really full and fluffy.

Half way through I ran out of my first 4 yard spool of ribbon.  I just tied a knot to join it with the rest of my ribbon and made sure it got hidden in-between ruffles.
I did basically the same thing with the Snowflake wire.  I just wound them together.
 When I got to the end, I rolled the ends under and wired that section down hiding the end.  (This wreath is so ruffly that I didn't have a problem hiding any ends.)
You're almost done.  The rest goes super fast.  

 I just added my Christmas pick by wrapping their wired stems around the top of the wreath.  Then I attached the big metal snowman to the center.  There was a hanger on the top which I bent behind so that it wouldn't show and I threaded a double thickness of wire through that and secured it to the top of my wreath.  I finished it off by added those cute little snow balls here and there.  They came with fishing line loops to hang with.  I attached the fishing line to the wire beneath that was already there from when I added the Poly Mesh.  It didn't hold them tightly to the wreath, but The wreath is tight enough between ruffles that the ruffles hold the snowmen in place nicely and if they aver did pop out they wouldn't fall completely off because they are attached.

 I have thought of maybe adding a "BRR" or a "Snow"something to it, but I'll probably just leave it the way it is.  Snowflakes might be cute too. Silver or White?  I like the way it turned out.  It gives January a little cheer!
 Come back soon,


Patti said...

Sooo dang darling! Sue, you are amazing!

SUZY said...

Hi Patti! Thanks. That is really a compliment coming from you. YOU are amazing!

Gene and Sheri Family said...

I love the quote by Sis Hinkley on the left side of you there a way to make that a printable? I am not techy savvy or crafty savvy so I'm always drooling over what you do!! :)

Shauna said...

So darling. I love the color of ribbon you used. So bright and cheerful.

SUZY said...

Hi Sheri.

Thanks for the nice comments! I really appreciate it. As for the Marjorie Hinkley quote on the sidebar...I got that from leelou blogs. If you click on the quote it will take you to her blog and you can probably get a printable copy!

Thanks again,


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