Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hayley's Mission Call--Find out where she's going!

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Well, I promised I would share the news when Hayley opened her mission call.  Watch this video below to see it happen.

(If the video didn't load you can watch it on youtube HERE.)

You probably heard her say in the video that her grandpa (my dad) served there also.  We are all SO excited!  Especially Hayley!  

We had a fun night.  We were all very surprised and touched by how many people came to share this occasion with us.  What a blessing to have these wonderful family members and friends in our home.  

We had a couple of maps hung on the  entertainment center. Everyone got to make two guesses as to where they thought Hayley would be called to serve.  One in the States and one outside the US.  

We had a basket full of Hayley's favorite things that we gave to the person who guessed right.  It has a tag that reads, "Where in the world"  We also had a bag of gummy bears for the second and third place winners that read, "Bearly missed it".  Kade guessed Russia and he thought that he had "Bearly missed it", so in all the chaos right after Hayley opened and read her call, Kade walked over to the mantel and took one of the gummie bear bags and started eating it.  When I asked him why he had taken it he said, "I guessed Russia. I barely missed it!" Oh well!

I included printable copies of the tags and page toppers HERE and HERE if you are interested.  If you use the page toppers carefully cut around the top of the bears head and the fold it in half.  Also, HERE is a copy of instructions we hung on the wall by the table where everyone was writing down their guesses on sticky notes.

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Susan said...

I love your name! We Suzy's and Susan's have to stick together. There is not many of us. I have been called Susie and Suzy Q my whole life. Anyway...the reason for my comment is we are also awaiting my daughter's mission call. It should come in 2 weeks!

SUZY said...

Susan, thanks for commenting. Congrats to your daughter and to you too. I would love to hear where she get's called. That is such an exciting day.

Kellie said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderful moment with us. How exciting! To be able to go to the same place her grandpa served, makes it even more special. :) All the Best...

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

How exciting!
I got to open my mission call the same day as my brother (and it was my birthday), 12 years ago :)
He went to Argentina and I went to Portugal. That day is still a special memory. Congrats to your daughter!

scrapbookmomx5 said...

I am amazed at how many times I end up back here at your site after I click on a cool "pin"! I'm back again.

My oldest son will turn his mission papers in this June and I will so be doing this when his call comes!

(PS my girls loved the Sheri Dew CDs, and one even quoted her at our New Beginnings last Tuesday! Thank you!)

Betsy Stout said...


I just saw your comment on one of my blogs about your daughter's mission call. All I have to say is, she is going to LOVE it! My daughter is having the time of her life. I'm not sure if you found her mission blog yet so I'll post it at the end of this comment. Also there are both an email and a facebook group for their mission. If you want more info on those, let me know.

Mondays (p-days) are my favorite day of the week! We usually chat through email every week, it's pretty great. They are also allowed to Skype on Mother's Day and Christmas, it was wonderful to see her face and hear her voice.

It would be fun if they ended up as comps! Let me know if you have any questions... about packing or whatever. I so excited for you daughter!

Take care,
Betsy Stout

SUZY said...

Okay Steph, How cute is your blog? I was so impressed by the Candy Land decoration you made. Thanks for commenting on this post. I can't. Relieve you opened your call the same day as your brother. That can't. E very common. My oldest daughter served her mission is Spain. Is Portugal anything like Spain?

SUZY said...

Scrapbookmomx5, I loved your comment. It made me smile. I'm excited for you and your family. I would love to hear where your son gets called. It's so fun having a missionary out.

SUZY said...

Yay Betsy! I was hoping you would see my comment and write me back. I DID find your daughter's blog and Hayley and I have been reading it. Ali has so much enthusiasm. What a cutie! I would love to follow the facebook and email too. Thank you so much for writing me back. I will definitely be in touch again.

SUZY said...

Thanks for your comment Kellie. I loved hearing from you.

Betsy Stout said...

Hi again, Suzy :)

Here is the link to subscribe to the email group.

I've find it to be very helpful and sometimes you'll 'meet' missionary moms whose kids serve or know yours, which is pretty fun! I've corresponded with a couple mums from England :)

Here's the facebook England Leeds Mission group...

This is a new group so there are only about 20 members but it's still pretty active. I know I've seen parents talking about their kids going into the MTC the same time as your daughter, on either that group or the email one. They were set up by the same lady.

There is also just a general Missionary mom facebook group here which is helpful as well...

It might be easier for us to correspond through facebook so if you'd like to add me here's that link.

I hope you find these groups helpful, I know I do.


Madre said...

Just have to say you don't know me but a young lady in our ward here in Sparks, NV just got her mission call to Leeds (sp) England also. Her name is Corrine McKay--maybe they will serve with each other. Congratulations!

SUZY said...

Hi Madre,

Thanks so much for your comment. I'm sorry I've been so slow to reply. I've been aittle preoccupied with the upcoming wedding of my daughter, but I did read your message and shared it with Hayley. She was so excited and was determined to become friends with Corinne on Facebook, but she couldn't find her. She would love to connect with her. If Corinne is interested she can email me at and I can pass it along to Hayley. Thanks so much. How fun to hear from


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