Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Primary M1L14 Alma The Younger and the Sons Of Mosiah Repent

Yay!  I finally took the time to learn how to make a handout with Adobe Photoshop using a digital scrapbooking kit.  I have an older edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements (3.0), but I was able to figure it out.  This is my first project.

This is my handout for Primary M1L14. It was nice to have something to give the kids other than candy.  I feel like I'm giving them candy all the time. :(

You can print the card HERE.

Just add an eraser.  I used a glue dot to attach it.  Get the strongest glue dot you have because the rubber eraser doesn't want to stick to the glue all that badly. :)  It worked though.  As soon as I handed them out the kids all pulled the erasers off first thing.

Have fun teaching.  This is a fun lesson.
Come back soon,

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