Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Completed Teacher Gift 2012

(Sorry about the really ugly cell phone pic, but I finished this this morning and then  Kade took it to school so I had NO time to take a decent picture.  It actually looks really cute. I promise!)

Remember this post?

I got Kade's appreciation gift for his teacher finished ahead of schedule, but I just kept thinking it wasnt quite finished.  There was something missing.  I had a lot of that adorable paper left so I thought maybe I would make a card to match.  Then I thought, "Why don't I just make a set of cards to match and give them as part of the gift? (More ugly cell phone photos :( )

I placed the cards in a cellophane bag and tied it with a bow, but I didn't feel like the package was complete yet.  For one thing, it didn't balance.  I needed a third thing.  And what was I thinking?  Where was the chocolate?  What kind of an ungrateful parent doesn't include chocolate in any gift for a woman?

Enter Pinterest...Look how adorable these little buses are.  Julie @ likeaprettypetunia  Came up with these and made it oh so easy for us!  All I had to do was to print the buses and the page toppers, cut them out and attach them to Hershey's Nuggets.  So quick and easy.  We made a bag for the bus driver too.  HERE is a link if you want to try them.

Now it balances!!

I just wrapped everything in cellophane and tied a bow around it.

Then I added a simple tag.  It's actually a Christmas sentiment, but I definitely think it applies here.  :)

Thank you to all teachers.  I could never do what you do!

Come back soon,


Mrs Smith said...

Mom! How do you come up with this stuff? You are sooo creative! I love you!!!

SUZY littlemisssuzyq.blogspot.com said...

Hey girl!  I miss you!  One week and you'll be here and we will smother you with so much love that you'll be glad to be leaving again so you can breath


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