Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cards by Shannon

I thought I'd share some of the darling cards my sister has made lately. I love her and her cards so much!

Shannon does a card class once a month for her friends. She comes up with the cutest ideas and the best part is... She always makes some for me. Shannon is the sweetest, most giving, generous person you'll ever meet! I'm so lucky she's my sis!

These pics are not great. Most are cell phone pics. I'm sorry about that, but you can still see how cute they are.

This umbrella one is my favorite!
The shopping bag on this one is three dimensional with tissue inside.

Isn't my sister great!?


ScrapSmith said...

You are so sweet sis! Thanks for making my whole day:)

SUZY littlemisssuzyq.blogspot.com said...

Aw Shannon, I love you and your adorable cards!

Cheri said...

Love the cards, Shannon! Wish I was there to come to some of your card classes. Thanks for posting, Sue!


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