Saturday, September 15, 2012

Family Home Evening Door Hanger

Have you ever had this happen?
It's Monday evening and you are having Family Home Evening and things are really going well.  You are having a great discussion, watching a movie together, playing a game or just laughing and enjoying the time together (my family is getting older now and our FHEs are a way easier and a lot more fun) Then, the doorbell rings.  The mood is broken and while you are at the door the family scatters and you've lost the groove.  This has happened to us so many times and we have come up with a solution.
Sometimes we put this little sign on our door during FHE.  It gives you a chance to enjoy your family and put them first and I think it's a friendly way to let people know that you will be happy to have them to your home, but that the regular business of the world can wait for another time.  That's the purpose of Family Night anyway right?
All you have to do if you want this sign is to go HERE and print onto card stock!  You can laminate it to protect it from the weather.

Hope it helps you have some awesome, uninterrupted Family Nights!. :)

Come back soon,

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