Friday, September 21, 2012

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 39 "Drug Abuse"

For a Copy of the lesson from the manual go HERE.

Here is my handout.

On the bottom tag is the following quote from the lesson.

 "It is stupid, if you will pardon that harsh word, to use cocaine, marijuana, or any of the other drugs that rob you of control of your mind. After every drug-induced ‘high,’ there is a reactionary ‘low.’ Why spend money on that which can only harm you? Why become enslaved to a habit that can only hinder and short-circuit your future?” Gordon B. Hinckley," 

 After reading this quote I hope you can see where the top tag's caption came from. It originally said. "Just say, 'no' to being a Dum Dum", but I didn't want to offend anyone.  Ha ha This way we're calling drugs "dumb" instead of people.

I put some Dum Dum suckers in a clear box.  (You could use a cellophane bag.) I also filled about half the box with some tan crinkly paper.

***I made the box using my Cricut, the Baby Shower cartridge and a clear sheet of acetate.  (You can use sheets for an overhead projector).  It worked great!  I love see-thru packeges!  Now that I know it will work I'm going to do some more projects with the clear acetate.

Print the tags HERE.

I printed the tags onto patterned card stock, cut them out and I attached the tags to the box with a ribbon.

Here are some other resources that will help with this lesson.

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