Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween Package "Happy Boo To You"

Here is the package I'm sending Hayley for Halloween.

I am sending it flat rate so I stuffed it to the gills!

I decided it was pointless to decorate the entire interior of the box. I just did the flaps this time. I cut patterned paper to fit the flaps and used my Cricut to add some pictures and phrases. I used the Celebrate With Flourish cartridge. The patterned paper is from the Basic Grey Recess collection. (one of my favorites!)  I used re-positional adhesive on the pictures and sayings so that Hayley can reuse them if she wants to.

I headed to the dollar store to find some goodies to fill the box with.

SCORE!!! I found some really great stuff!
I thought Hayley and her companion would enjoy decorating their apartment and their table. I found some cute things that will really help them make their home festive.

I also got some items that could be used for costumes so that they can dress up for a ward party or for trick-or-treaters or just to take pictures for fun.

I put it all in the box and added some Halloween "goodie bag" type items and filled in all the gaps with Tootsie Roll's, snickers (two of Hayleys favorite) and other candy. I stuffed it until I could barely close the top. Remember, this is flat rate, one price no matter how much you put in it so let's go for it!!!

I made a card and printed it.

Print card HERE

Just print out the cards (two per page), and cut, then fold them.
You can add ribbon or buttons to it after it's cut out. I added ribbon, but if you have an Elder you may want to add buttons instead. Or if that's still too "cutesy" you can just leave the card as is.
I am going to mail this to England the last Monday of September. That way Hayley should get it the first week of October. – Perfect!
Good luck with your packages and enjoy your missionaries! I love having a missionary! It's such a blessing!--- I sure do miss her though.
Come back soon,

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