Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tulle and Ribbon Tutu-torial

I have a real treat for you today.  I have a guest blogger!  YAY!  My guest blogger is my cute, creative, awesome sister Kim.  Okay, she's actually my husband's sister, but we don't use the "I" word.  Kim has such a cute idea to share.  What a cute mom.  And check out my adorable niece!!!

I have a great project for you- a tulle and ribbon tutu. I've made them for Abby's birthday party and they are SO easy and SO cute!

Supplies: 3 colors of Tulle - you'll need about 14 yds. of each color
3 colors of 5/8" ribbon - you'll need about 3 1/2 yds. of each color
1 color of 1 1/2" ribbon - you'll need 4 feet
measuring tape
matches - I'll explain later
about an hour of your time :)

 Cut 1 1/2" ribbon into one 48" strip
Cut 5/8" ribbon into 24" strips - you'll need 5 of each color

TIP: I like to take a match and "melt" the ends of the ribbon - this keeps it from fraying. Works great on ribbon used as hair bows too!

Cut tulle into 20" strips - it saves TONS of time if you do this first! - you'll need 25 strips of each color

Measure the waist of who you are making the tutu for. I am making them for a 4 year old birthday party and did them about 22 1/2". Tie a knot at each end of the waist measurement - you'll make the tutu inbetween the knots. This also leaves you with plenty at the ends to tie the tutu on.

Begin making the tutu by folding one strip of tulle in half and making it in a "U" shape under the ribbon. Take the ends up over the 1 1/2" ribbon and tuck down and through the bottom of the "U". Pull tight and slide to the knot. Continue with the other 4 strips of your first color.

After you have tied on 5 tulle strips of one color add a ribbon. Did you melt the ends? Tie a square knot (right over left, left over right) slide to the side and start the next color of tulle.

When finished, this pattern will have been repeated 5 times: Tulle #1 x 5, Ribbon #1, Tulle #2 x 5, Ribbon #2, Tulle #3 x 5, Ribbon #3.

Pretty easy! Enjoy watching your ballerina dance around the house in her tutu YOU made!

Thanks Sue for letting me share!

Kim :)

Kim also shared THIS idea that was a real popular one. The cute girl in the picture is her other daughter
Thanks Kim!  I love you!!

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