Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 37 Caring For Our Physical Bodies

Click HERE for a copy of the lesson from the manual.
Here is a picture of my handout.

I just bought a jump rope at the dollar store and attached the tag to the jump rope.
Print the Tag HERE.

Here are some other resources that might help with this lesson:
Thomas S. Monson, “True to the Faith,”

Gordon B. Hinckley, “A Prophet’s Counsel and Prayer for Youth,”

Susan W. Tanner, “The Sanctity of the Body,”

For the Strength of Youth(pamphlet, 2001), “Physical Health,” 36–37, 

Riley M. Lorimer, “Take Care,” 

Provident Living Website:Physical Health,
Come back soon,

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Nancy Face said...

Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I will be teaching this lesson to my Beehives in two weeks, and they will LOVE this! Thank you!


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