Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Coffin Treat Boxes

I've got my treats for my Primary class all made and ready to go! I like to have something special to give them when they come trick-or-treating at my house!  I got the Close To My Heart Artist Cricut Cartridge and I LOVE IT!!!If you only get one cartridge, this should be it!!!  You can get it from a Close To My Heart Rep.  My sister Shannon just happens to be a rep so if you want one, she can help you.  Just comment or email me and I will get you in touch with her.

I fell in love with this cute Coffin Box the second I saw it!  And can you believe that adorable Skeleton?  I cut the skeleton pieces and then attached them with a needle and thread so they would dangle.
I filled the boxes with various goodies and tied them with cooking twine.  You know, the stuff they wrap roasts and turkeys with?  I LOVE this stuff!  It is so easy to work with.  Very floppy and easy to tie...AND IT'S CUTE!!!
I added the RIP tag with the skeleton.  I connected the 3 pieces by threading the twine through them.  They are not glued together.  I added the Happy Halloween label with a tape runner.  You can print the labels HERE

That's it!  I can't wait to give them to the cutest Primary kids ever!!!


Lisa said...

A cute idea! Where did you find the coffin boxes? Did you use the cricut cartridge to make the skeleton and tombstone? I would like more information on how to get a cartridge

Amanda said...

Love it! I'm a rep too (you know, to pay for my addiction lol) and that cartridge is so awsome! I use it so much. So many cute boxes and things. I love what you did with the skeleton. Did your primary kids love them?

SUZY said...

Amanda, you're right! This cartridge is so awesome! It is my favorite cartridge! It is so versatile and I use it a lot too. I keep telling everyone if they only have one cartridge it should be this one. It seems expensive , but honestly, if you only have one cartridge this should be it! Plus it comes with those cute stamps and chipboard. It's actually a really good deal. Love it! I'm sure my sister Shannon could relate to you when you said that you are a rep for Close To My Heart to sustain your addiction. I'm pretty sure she doesn't make any money. But she sure does make some cute things. Haha. Thanks for commenting. I absolutely love reading comments and yours was sweet. My primary kids seem to love the boxes. I know my son did. :)


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