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Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 33"Avoiding Degrading Media Influences"

For a copy of the lesson from the manual go HERE

Here is the handout for this lesson.

This handout was inspired by a handout made by my new friend Wendy Lewis. Wendy sent me this darling handout idea. 

 It is so great for this lesson because it goes perfectly with the Teacher Presentation and Discussion part of the lesson in the manual.

"Explain that the skull and crossbones is the universal warning symbol for a poisonous substance. People all over the world recognize it as a graphic warning of what can happen to them if they take the substance into their bodies. Latter-day prophets have warned us of another kind of contamination that can be deadly, not to our bodies, but to our spirits and minds. The mass media—television, radio, movies, magazines, and newspapers—communicates to many people at the same time. These media can be used to further the work of the Lord on earth, to educate, and to entertain. But they can also be used to destroy. They are a chief tool of the adversary, who seeks to break down moral behavior in all of us."

 I also love it because it is concise!  I think handouts are more effective and the girls are more likely to read them when they are short and to the point. I LOVE the cute skull on the hand sanitizer.  It goes perfectly with this lesson. CUTE Wendy!!!

I duplicated Wendy's handout and made some tags that you can attach the hand sanitizer to (or soap or what ever you can find that can be associated with the word "CLEAN"). I've made a printout for you to make it easy.  Just attach the label and the hand sanitizer to cute patterned paper.

Print them HERE (All 3 pages are on the same link.  Just scroll down and choose "Print Current Page" to print the page you want.

 If you want to do the soap dispenser version of this handout:

1. Take the labels off of your soap bottle.  I used the ones with the clear plastic label.  I used Goo Gone to get rid of any extra sticky left behind and it came right off.
2. Print out the page below onto clear acrylic paper.  I used an overhead projector sheet.

3. IMPORTANT NOTE- I dont have a laser printer, but the sheets I used are made for a laser printer.  When I tried this the first time my ink smudged when I handled the page and the ink came completely off when I inserted it into the soap. Handle the sheet carefully and use a hair dryer or heating tool to set the ink. I heated it for about 2 minutes. Be careful to keep the heat moving so that you don't melt the plastic. If you have a laser printer I think you'll be fine.  You can also print it out onto regular paper and have a copy store copy it for you.
4.Cut closely around the design.
5.  Roll up and slide down into dispenser's opening and let it unfold.

6. Kind of push into place against the front of the bottle with the tube.  Replace the pump placing the tube behind the sheet.
7. Tie ribbon around neck of the bottle adding the skull tag.  Just print the skulls, color the bow and cut it out.

Here are some other links that may help you:
Mormonads: MediaMusic.

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