Thursday, November 29, 2012

Progressive Christmas Dinner

 Have you ever participated in a progressive dinner where you travel to a series of homes throughout the meal eating a different course at each house? I think they are so fun! Last night was our annual Relief Society Progressive Christmas Dinner and I was able to host the main meal at my house.  The RS cooked the meal, all I had to do was to set a table and put up my Christmas decorations.  The appetizers, salad and desserts were provided by ladies in the Relief Society (My church's women's group).  There was a sign-up sheet sent around at church and people signed up to bring what they wanted to.

 We all met at the first home together and had pot luck appetizers.  Wow!  Candace hosted that and her home looks like something out of a magazine!  She is a gifted decorator.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  Everyone had appetizers and visited and even toured Candace's house.  It was absolutely unreal.

  Next was the main course.  We split up for this one since it would be a sit-down dinner. My house brought everyone back to reality I'm sure.  No tour here.  I was closing bedroom doors upstairs and shoving my "Piles" in drawers.  Do you have piles?  I am always amazed and impressed at people who have no piles. My Mother-in-law is one of those people.  Her house is always perfect no matter when you drop in. I'm in awe.  :D  I have a friend who's house was always clean, but she did piles too.  She used her appliance garage for her pile.  Pretty smart huh?  I think she had two of them.  I guess the other one was used for appliances.

I thought I'd share my decorated table with you.  Nothing awe-inspiring, but I think it turned out pretty cute.
I got the tablecloth at Home Goods for $9.99  it is 60x102.  I thought that was a steal! I also bought my napkins there.  I Think they were around $5.00 for a set of 4.  I just ties some burlap ribbon around the middle and set them on the plate horizontally to look like bows.
I made a little pillow box using my Cricut. I think pillow boxes are adorable!  They always turn out cute. I used Christmas Cheer for the tree. cut at  3.25" I used my Gypsy to get rid of the bow on top and replaced it with a real bow.  I used George and Basic Shapes to cut the circle at 2.32".  I used pop dots to attach the trees to the circles.  I glued the trees to a 6x2 1/2" band that I wrapped around the box. I used Tablescapes cut at 5.0" for the pillow boxes, but there are several cartridges that have pillow boxes on them. What's inside of the pillow boxes???  Two Lindor truffles
 I got these cute trees this summer at an amazing sale.  Ben Franklin in Kayesville, Utah was changing it's name to Bennion's and they had a huge clean-out sale. You could get everything you could stuff inside of a bag for $10.00.  This bag was not small either.  It was the size of a small kitchen garbage bag.These trees were part of my haul.  I just used a glue gun to add burlap and red ribbon.  I like the simplicity.
These are my dollar store favors.
I bought these vases and candlestick holders at Dollar Tree.  I glued the vase to the candlestick holders with clear hot glue.  Hot glue seemd to work better that any other glue I have tried.
I glued wide burlap ribbon to the glass, attached some Christmas picks and finished off with red ribbon.
This next part was easy because my friend Patti made these adorable gift tags for me and I thought they went perfectly with the goblets.
And for the finishing touch, I filled them with SNOW! and added a battery operated tea light.
 This was my gift to the women who came to dinner at my house.

We had so much fun and the food was really good.  Baked Parmesan chicken, baked potatoes, homemade rolls and salad.

We all met up again at the last house to have pot luck desserts and visit some more.  Really fun night.  I just love the ladies in my neighborhood!

Come back soon,

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