Saturday, November 3, 2012

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 42 "The Courage To Try"

For a copy of the lesson from the manual go HERE

Here is my handout.  (That is my daughter Morgan in the picture)

 I got this quote from the book The Walk, by Richard Paul Evans,  "There are two kinds of people. Those who climb mountains and those who sit in the shadow of the mountains and critique the climbers."  I have been saying this to my kids their whole lives, but I've never said it this well. It is SO true!!!  The most critical people are the ones who are afraid to try anything. We need to decide which person we are going to be. The CLIMBER or the CRITIC?  I think this quote is perfect for this lesson!

Print Handout HERE
I printed them onto card stock and cut them out and then placed the quote inside a cellophane bag that measured 4" across.  I added some "rock" jelly beans and added a bow.  You don't need all of that though.  You can just use the quote.


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