Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Baskets 2013

The Easter baskets are assembled and ready for the Easter bunny to put them out on Easter morning
Dollar Tree is my first stop every year.  I always find SO many choices for baskets and I love the fact that they only cost a dollar.  I found these plastic buckets and decided to do them all yellow.
I also found these plastic bags at Dollar tree.  I filled the buckets with goodies and then placed the buckets in these cute plastic bags.  They are plastic and they don't stand up like cellophane.  : (
So I folded them under...
and secured it with the twist tie that came with the bags.
I think it looks kinda cute!
I made these tags with my cricut.  The bunny is from B is For Boys.
This is how I tied the bow.

1. Thread the middle of your ribbon through the hole.
2. pull through to the back.
3. Make a big loop
4. Place loop over bag.
Cinch the loop around the top of the bag.
Tie your bow and trim the ends.
I like this method for attaching tags.  It makes the tag lay flat and I like the way the bow sits on the tag.
Happy Easter everyone!!!
Come back soon,

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