Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Madness

March is a nice month.  The snow melts, the sun comes out and you can see the signs of spring as the trees start budding and the tulips and force their way through the cold earth.  It just makes me SO happy!!!  There is another event that takes place every March...The males in my house go "mad"!   Yes, March Madness is an annual occurrence at the Burningham home!  The guys fill out their brackets and head somewhere warm that they can live basketball for a few days.  Kind of a "Fathers and Sons" deal.  I am always glad to have the time to catch up on projects and have a night or two out with the female side of the family.  Last year I attended the Scrapbbok USA Expo with sister Shannon and my daughters and I painted the kitchen.
    This year, my husband convinced me to come along. I really wasn't sure I wanted to come.  With the wedding, Missionary farewell and new granddaughter coming soon I could really use a few days to myself to get some projects done.  Well, I really can't say no to my husband and I somewhat reluctantly agreed to come along.  We decided that San Diego would be our destination and I have to say that as the trip drew closer I grew more and more excited!

Here we are getting off the plane.  We really made this to send to our daughter Hayley who is serving a mission in England right now so excuse the personal message, but I thought it would be fun to share.

I absolutely love this city!!!  It's SO beautiful!!!
Look at this cool tree!
The weather wasn't the best this morning, but we enjoyed the beach anyway.
The water is SO cold!
Much warmer in the hotel pool!
Kade finished filling out his brackets at the hotel.
I am SO glad I came.  I really did need a break and since there is a lot of down time while everyone is watching basketball, I have a chance to blog a little.  I hope to share a few things with you the next couple of days that I have been working on.

Come back soon,

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