Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Nursery Projects

I had the best experience going to Florida to help my daughter Madison with her first baby who just happens to be my first grandchild.  I had SO many fun projects in mind for us to do together.  (You can laugh now. I don't mind.) We really didn't have the time to do much in the way of projects, but we were able to complete a couple of cute things for the nursery.  Madi really wanted Rachel to have her name in her room so I went to Michae'ls looking for ideas.  Wow!  I loved the Michael's there.  It was huge!  I found some wooden letters that were a nice size (about 5 or 6 inches tall) and they were already painted black which was a definite bonus!  The letters were about $4 each.  I headed to the paper section next and found some cute purple papers that matched the crib bedding perfectly.  And I also found a glittered butterfly doily type paper. -Perfect!!
I grabbed a white frame, some ribbon. Mod Podge, alphabet stickers,sandpaper and  flowers.  I also saw some great unfinished wooden shelves.  I grabbed the biggest one they had and some white acrylic paint and headed for the checkout!
The first thing I made  was this picture for the wall.  It took me about 10 minutes total!

I cut my paper to fit the 8x10 frame, inserted it into the frame on top of the glass, cut butterflies from my butterfly doily, glued them only down the middle so the wings would stick up, then I added the word "Dream" with white stickers.  DONE!

Then I covered the letters. 

 I started by tracing the letters onto paper. (I placed the letter and the paper right side down.)
I attached the paper to the letters with Mod Podge and the sanded down all the edges.  You can ink the edges to if want to.  I inked my edges in purple.  I decorated the letters with flowers, ribbon etc,  DONE!

Next I painted the shelf white.  While the paint dried I made some cards out of the left over paper so Madi would have some cute thank you cards for her awesome friends who brought her dinners.
Wow!  That butterfly paper really went a long way.  The lady at the checkout counter was appalled that a piece of paper could cost so much.  (I think it was $2.50, but I think it was well worth that because of how many things I used it for.)  
Here are some more pics of the nursery.  These butterflies came with the crib bedding set.
 Here's the she.f with the wooden letters
 Madi's friend gave her a darling baby shower.  This bunting was one of the decorations.  Madi loved it and wanted to hand it in Rachel's room.  I love it!  We'll see how long it lasts, but it's safe for now.  haha
 These cubes are from Madi's bedroom when she lived at home.  They are going to be perfect in Rachel's nursery.  We just put whatever we could find in the shelves for now, but Madi will have them looking adorable!

Sorry the pictures aren't better, but you get the idea right?

Come back soon,

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