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A+ Teacher Gift Tags-Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn Recipe

We went to visit my husband's mom on Mother's day.  She always makes a yummy treat (she is an excellent cook.) and she gives her daughters and me (her only daughter-in-law) a gift.  Isn't that sweet!?  I love her.  She has always treated me like I am one of her daughters. Well, I thought this gift was SO cute!  I actually spied it before she gave it to me and couldn't wait to get a closer look.  I'm kind of falling in love with popcorn lately and was thrilled about that part of the gift.  It was delicious!  Marshmallow popcorn.  My mom actually used to make this and it is so yummy! I don't have a recipe, but I am assuming it is just like making rice crispy treats. Only substituting popcorn for the cereal. Look at this adorable bowl!  I truly LOVE anything with polka dots and don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the shape of this bowl is so CUTE!!! The color goes great in my kitchen!  

I just need to mention CELLOPHANE here...I love it!  It just makes a gift look like a gift!  Best place to buy it in my opinion is at TAI PAN. 

My teacher gift this year was inspired by this very appreciated Mother's Day gift.  My Mother-in-law mentioned that she found this bowl at Tai Pan. So I went there looking for something luck!  Couldn't find anything even close to it so I settled on this white casserole dish or maybe it's a bowl-not sure.  Not as cute as my polka dot bowl, I know, but still cute.  I love the shape and I love white Serving pieces!  
The PTA sends home a list of teachers and school employees and their favorite candy bars, books restaurants etc.  Kade's teacher listed her favorite candy bar as Reece's Peanut Butter Cups so I filled her bowl with peanut butter and chocolate popcorn.  Recipe at the end of this post.
I attached this tag which you can download HERE.

 You could attach it to any Teacher gift and it will instantly make your gift look more Teacher-y and there are 3 different sizes.

Now for the popcorn recipe:

Popped corn-I used 1/2 cup of kernels.
Non stick cooking spray
1 bag chocolate chips  I used Guittard milk chocolate because I pretty much love them!
1 bag Nestle chunks
1 bag of peanut butter chips
1/4 to 1/2 cup of dry roasted peanuts
I popped the kernels and divided the popcorn into two big bowls.
I added the chocolate chucks to one of the bowls.  I melted the chocolate chips in the microwave.  I sprayed a good amount of non-stick cooking spray on top of the chips before melting as it adds lecithin which helps the chips melt more smoothly. (If you choose to melt baking chocolate instead you don't need the non-stick spray because baking chocolate already has lecithin in it.)  I melted my chocolate in a glass bowl for one minute and stirred till all the chocolate was melted.  Then I poured it over the popcorn and stirred gently to coat.
Add the peanuts to the other bowl of  popcorn and melt the peanut butter chips the same way you did the chocolate.  Pour it over the popcorn and stir.
Let each bowl sit till it is halfway set. Then grab alternating handfuls and place into your bowl or container so you have nice sections of each kind of popcorn. Wrap in cellophane.  (I secure the cellophane with a rubber band before tying the ribbon around it.)
Tie the tag on with some cute ribbon and there you go!  Give it to that teacher who has put up with your kid all year and taught them so many great things!

Come back soon, 

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