Friday, June 21, 2013

Red White Blue USA Wreath

Today I'm part of the Red White Blue Series over at Sugar Bee Crafts - This is day 4 of the series and there have been so really cute things posted! Be sure to check to check them out. You won't be sorry. If you are here from SugarBeeCrafts-WELCOME TO LITTLE MISS SUZY Q!!!  I'm so glad to have you here!  I hope you'll look around and that you'll come back often.  
Sugar Bee Crafts Red White Blue

I love this deco mesh stuff!  It is so easy to work with.  Because of the texture it is always fluffed up and full. It just always looks good!  These are the materials I used for my wreath.
Wreath form-(you can also make your own by using any wreath and pipe cleaners, but this form makes it really easy!)
Deco Mesh- It didn't take me a whole roll.
Any other decorative items you want on your wreath. I used this kind of red rope or cord, some flags, and some star pics.  I also added wooden USA letters'  But you can use whatever you like!  I got all of my stuff at Bennion's in Kaysville.

 I will do my best to show you how this is done, but If you want to watch a great tutorial go HERE. They do a good job of showing you how to build everything with Deco Mesh.  That's where I learned how to do it.  Bunch up the end of your Deco Mesh and twist the wire things that look like pine around it to secure it.
 You don't need to worry if it shows because you will be covering it.
Move your hand about 10 inches up the roll of Deco Mesh and scrunch again.  Secure with the next wire.  Keep doing this around the outer ring of the wreath.
When you get to the point you started at secure your mesh in the same wire you started from.  You don't need to unwrap the first one just twist it again.
Now move up to the inner circle and do the same thing as before till you run out of wires.
Finish off by wrapping your last bit in the wire you started the inner circle with.. Cut your mesh long enough to thread your end to the back of the wreath to hide it.
Look how nice and fluffy that is.
I added the cord next just twisting it into about every other wire.  I alternated outer and inner circles.
I added my picks next (I used 4).  I just stuffed them into the wires to hold them in place

I did the same with my flags.
The letters were trickier.  I didn't want to glue my wreath so I glued my letters with these carmel apple sticks I got in the produce section of my grocery store.
I stuffed them into wires untill I had them where I wanted them.
And Here is the finished product.  It took me about an hour from start to finish. I spent as much time trying to get the letters where I wanted them as I did on the rest of the wreath.
I can't wait till July so that I can put it on my door!
Thanks Mandy, for letting me be a part of the Awesome Red White Blue Series over at Sugar Bee Crafts! If you haven't checked out Sugar Bee Crafts go do it now because you'll love all of the fun ideas she has over there and you don't want to miss this series!
Come back soon,


Margaret Christensen said...

I love your wreath! I've been wanting to play with Deco Mesh I just haven't taken the time. I'm pinning your for inspiration. Thanks!

Emily Thompson said...

super cute! I love how crazy it looks, yet so put together! I am also part of the red, white and blue series... I went the first day.. trying to get around everyday and check out all the great ideas :o) Emily @ Nap-Time Creations

SUZY said...

thanks for your comments. It was fun to hear from you. Margaret, Deco mesh is really easy to work with. You will love it! Emily, Your whole table was so cute! Thanks for coming by and have a happy forth!

Andie Thueson said...

So cute I Love it!!! I have been scared to work with deco mesh but your tutorial made it look easy to work with!

Andie @ Maybeiwill

SUZY said...

Do it Andie! It's easier than you think and it will be darling!


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