Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Young Women Handout for June 2013 Priesthood Power

I haven't done a handout idea on here forever!  I have been wondering how I wanted to categorize them with this new lesson plan.  I still don't know exactly how I want to organize them, but I thought I would start making at least 1 per month and figure it out as I go.  Here is my handout for this month.
The quote on the tag reads:
"Priesthood holders young and old need both Authority and power-the necessary permission and the spiritual capacity to represent God in the work of salvation."

--Elder David A Bednar

The tag in the picture has a spelling error, but thanks to Jill I fixed that.

Print out tags HERE.

You can attach to a lightbulb,battery,Powerade, Powerbar,  or a flashlight,  etc. Or you can just use it on it's own.

Come back soon,


Jill said...

Just wanted to make sure you knew that priesthood was spelled wrong in the yellow part of the handout. :)

Jill said...

I love your handout and would love to use it. Is there anyway you can post the printable with the correction. Thanks so much for sharing!!


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