Thursday, September 12, 2013

Comfort Food That Wont Make You Fat - DEVILED EGGS

 We are totally over-hauling our diet around here. I am trying to lose some weight, but I am really not a salad and veggie kind if girl. I like a nice salad every now and then, but what I really like is saucy, flavor-packed comfort food!

I am revamping my favorite comfort foods to fit my new way of eating and I thought I'd share them with you. I originally wanted to do a 30 day series and post a recipe a day, but if you are a regular follower of my blog you probably know that is not how I blog. I am a very sporadic blogger and I blog as I go. My blog is not a business. I just do it for fun. If I had to post everyday it would take all the fun out of it! So I will continue to blog as I go and I will sporadically post recipes as I make them. I will title them all "Comfort Food That Won't Make You Fat"followed by the name of the recipe.

I am not following a specific diet. I am just making changes. I am really being careful with carbs because I am a "Carb monster" according to my husband. I have cut out bread, rice, and pasta. I am not a dietitian. I have no credentials. I am simply sharing. My husband is a physician and I consult him and various other sources, but I am not passing myself off as an expert in anyway.

The first recipe I want to share is these deviled eggs.  I ate these the other day and snapped a pic with my cell phone.  It's terrible-I know.

This is such a good recipe!  It's full of protein and no carbs!  My daughter Hayley actually invented this when she was making egg salad.  She switched the mayo for cottage cheese.  I thought that would work great for deviled eggs too...and here they are.

Click on the image to enlarge.  Save as a picture to print.

How much fat should you eat in a day?

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