Thursday, October 10, 2013

Comfort Food That Won't Make You Fat- Crock Pot Apple Sauce

IT'S FALL!!! Do you want your house to smell AMAZING? I've got the perfect recipe for you and It's just right for this time of year.
Before I go on I have to thank my friend Cheryl for this recipe. I will be using this one often. I love it!
Start with 10-12 apples. I used Golden Delicious and Gala (because that's what Cheryl used).

Peel and slice or chop the apples. (I started feeling all "Sleepless In Seattle" while peeling these. Never did get an apple peeled all in one piece though.)
Put the apple slices in a crock pot.

Next, sprinkle a little brown sugar over the apples. I used about 2 Tablespoons. You could leave this out if you don't want the sugar.

The next step is to pour a cup of apple cider over the apples. I changed the recipe a little bit here. I used a packet of sugar free apple cider mix that I combined with a cup of water. (I had that Alpine Fireplace Jingle on my mind the whole time I was cooking these.)

Cook on High for about 4 hours (low 6-8) When you stir the cooked apples they fall apart.

How easy is that? I love it. I will be eating this yummy applesauce on my Protein Pancakes tomorrow!
Come back soon,

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