Thursday, October 3, 2013

From Blah to Muah-Thrift Store Dresser Redo

My house needs some TLC. With two daughters married and two kids on missions we went from 6 kids to 2 kids at home in the space of a year. It's been an adjustment, but in a way it's been nice. There is much less chaos with less people coming and going and waaay fewer dishes and laundry! It's also time to update a few things around here. Here is my first project--
I have this empty space under a window kind of between my family room and my kitchen.  It was just begging for something great! I found this Broyhill dresser at my local thrift store for $50.00. It was in great condition and I was shocked and thrilled to find it. It was in great shape, but it was boring.
I couldn't wait to get started on this! I started with a coat of primer. This is the one I used. I got it at Home Depot. In fact, I got everything I used at Home Depot.
The primer dries really fast. I probably let it dry for about 30 minutes.
Using a sanding sponge, sand out any roughness till you have a smooth foundation for your paint. Don't worry if you sand any primer off. Your going for the roughed-up look and it won't hurt a thing.

I used a can of paint that I had originally intended to use for my mudroom walls. Here's a picture of the label if you are interested.
I guess I doubled up on the primer because there is primer in this paint. Probably not necessary, but didn't hurt either.
I applied the paint with a small roller about half the size of a regular roller. It worked like a charm. I had a small sponge brush if I needed to get into any small nooks or crannies that I couldn't get to with the roller, but I really didn't need it much.
The next step was the hardest one - after the paint dries...sand, sand, sand! I really don't know what the heck I'm doing so I asked an employee at Home Depot for some advise. She advised me to sand by hand, but I think I will try a small hand sander next time. Man- I got such a workout sanding this thing! I wanted some scuffs and slightly bare spots so I would just keep sanding in a spot till I got what I wanted.
This next part was my favorite. I used a cheap foam brush to apply the glaze and then wiped it off with an old terry cloth rag. That's when I started getting excited because it looked so pretty! It also gave it a nice smooth finish.
I could not get these cute drawer pulls on fast enough. I just LOVE them. They were about $4.00 a piece and worth every cent!!! Every time I finished a drawer I would roll it back into its spot in the dresser and sit back and admire it! SO FUN!!!
I really love the way this turned out. I put it in a space right by my kitchen and I'm going to use it to store place mats, tablecloths, napkins etc.
This little dresser has added new life to my home. I can't wait for the next project.

Come back soon,


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