Thursday, November 21, 2013

HANDOUT-Relief Society Lesson: Doing Good To Others

I made these for my Relief Society lesson and wanted to share them with you.  I wish I would have taken pictures with my good camera because this picture doesn't do them justice.  I thought they turned out really cute though.
The lesson was called "Doing Good To Others."  A fun, "feel good" lesson.  The saying is a favorite of mine. "Be careful with the words you say. Make them soft and sweet.  You never know from day to day which ones you'll have to eat."  This saying could be used with so many different topics.

These were super easy to put together.  I just wrapped a Hershey Bar with scrapbook paper and attached the tag.
Print the free tags HERE., just to make you smile, take a look of my sweet little Rachel. 
 Isn't she darling?  She's bringing her mom and dad to Utah to spend Christmas with us!  I can't wait!  They will be here when Hayley returns home from her mission in England on January 9!  Oh man, I miss them all so much.

Good things ahead in my life.  I am so happy.

Come back soon,

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