Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Relief Society Activity-Top Ten Deadly Drugs, Pills That Kill & Poisonous Plants

We had another Relief Society Activity last week and it was a good one!  Our last one was our Look "Up" Birthday Party and it was big and fun and A LOT OF WORK!!!  This one needed to be more simple and waaay less time consuming.  This is what we came up with.

I know a doctor.  He's a really smart doctor.  He's also a VERY GREAT TEACHER.  He is also the FUNNEST, most entertaining person I know!!  He is also my husband!!!  I asked him to do a presentation on Poisons in the home.  After he agreed to do it I thought, "What if no one comes?".  These smaller simple activities don't usually get the big turnouts that the big parties do. Maybe 10 or 15 people.  I really wanted to get a big group for Ted.  I decided to make extra special invitations to hopefully lure people in.  Haha!
I can't claim the idea as my own.  When I was teaching Young Women I found this idea for a handout on Sugardoodle.  I can't find the one I used, but I wish I could because I think it's so clever.  I thought this would be a fun way to get everyone's attention as an invitation.  Smith's sold me 50 bottles for .15 a piece.  Then I decided to make 20 more, but thought that I would be pushing it going back to Smith's so I went to Fresh Market.  They charged me .30 per bottle. :(  I filled them with some Mike and Ike's candy and the others with Hot Tamalies.  I used the 4 inch bottles.  Cute, but if I had it to do again I would use smaller bottles because it took a ton of candy to fill all of the bottles and I only filled them a little over half full.

I thought since my invitations were medicine bottles it was only fitting to have a prescription for the posters.  We lured them in with a couple of cliffhangers like, "Come and find out what the most dangerous creature on earth is." and "What was the substance stacked at the entrance of the grocery store that can kill in minutes? The same substance my son's friend said you should drink if you are ever stranded.".  We also sent out emails to remind everyone.  Even on the day of.

It was a fun and informative night and we had about 40 people show up!  I was thrilled.  Candice, Nickie and Betty Jo made beautiful little sandwiches and fruited lemonade for refreshments.

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